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Bring the syrup to a boil over medium-high heat. Discover good food and great memories at the Ontario Water Buffalo Company. Make a resolution to truly savour and appreciate your food – here's how, Minimum effort, maximum flavour: It sounds too good to be true, but these recipes deliver exactly that, Can you learn how to better taste what’s on your plate? You slip and slide your way across the ice, your arms laden with fishing gear, excitement building at the thought of the unscripted day ahead. When you come to Lanark County’s maple-tree-lined forests to test drive the maple syrup, you experience so much more than the syrup itself: you experience long-time family traditions, serene landscapes, friendly faces, and, yes, even maple taffy. Broaden your horizons and learn something new at a unique museum in Ontario’s Highlands’. Renowned as a world-class whitewater destination and for the challenges found in its rugged hills and lush dales, the Valley pushes us to do more, live […], Known for its pristine wilderness, incredible views and rugged natural spaces, the majestic beauty of Lennox & Addington speaks to the wanderer inside us all. Pour two tablespoons of maple syrup per piece of taffy onto the snow in thin lines about 10 centimetres long. Discover some of the best bakeries in Ontario’s Highlands and their tasty treats. Welcome the warm weather together this spring at events across Ontario’s Highlands. Share. There were lots of volunteers to help. You’ll then want to stop in at the Pancake House for pancakes and unlimited maple syrup. We can (maple taffy) cheers to that. When the holiday decorations go up in December the whole world begins to shimmer with magic. Tell us how you’d like to ring in 2021, and we’ll tell you what to pour to toast the new year. These maple treats are fun and easy to make in your own home. Canada Montreal. Winter events across Ontario’s Highlands that will help you keep your New Year’s Resolutions. August always felt so short, and by the time it rolled around you’d scramble to finish your summer bucket list, savouring each shortened day […], Ribbons of water and steel sear the land through Smiths Falls. We would argue the latter, and not just because we are looking for an excuse to drink beer and eat schnitzel. Canadian Maple Taffy. If you want a truly epic family experience, head to Fulton’s Sugar Bush in Pakenham. It was my partner who first introduced me to Maple Taffy, one of nature’s sweetest treats! Thick […], Remember when your whole summer was devoted to swimming, playing, catching frogs, and finding adventures? It may be you are sensing something that others aren’t, some spooky aftereffect from a historical wrongdoing or the ghostly pinings of a disgruntled spirit. While many of us are tucked up in cozy comfort in the night hours, the intrepid astronomers among us head outdoors to drink in the starry night skies. When the forest has transformed from shades of green to vivid reds, fiery oranges and brilliant yellows, the road will begin calling, sending a gentle reminder that the days where you can head out on the road with the windows down are numbered. When you head out for the day the options are […], This year the key to exploring is to keep it local; this is the time to explore our own backyards, and the regions close to home that have so much to offer us in the way of exhilarating outdoor experiences, fantastic food and drink, and blissful relaxation. Maple taffy on snow is unique to Quebec’s culture, as well as Eastern Ontario and New Brunswick, so you won’t find it if you go to the west coast of Canada. It gave me a greater outlook on […], When was the last time you bit down into something so warm and rich, cheesy and flavourful that your heart said “thank you!” and your belly said “more please!” The best comfort foods are rich and calorie-laden, and best enjoyed in a warm, cozy restaurant or at home on the couch in your comfies. If you’re dreaming of packing the car and setting out for a day trip to find the best foodie experiences in Ontario, we’ve got your back. Drizzle syrup in a … One event that stands out to you and makes your path in life clear? This family-owned operation truly offers all you’d never know you wanted in a sugar-bush experience. WARNING: This syrup is dangerously hot and can remove skin off your body as it will burn you very badly should there be a mishap. This is when you yearn to get away from the slush, pack the car and head out for an almost-spring getaway to the countryside, where baby animals, maple syrup, G-rated fun, and fresh air are calling. *Wander safe, wander local. Find the best vantage points for all the brilliant fall colours this season. The Tastemakers: Pisca Andina Soup From Sumito Estevez, Better Your Bread: 8 Bakers Share Their Tips And Recipes, Fungus Among Us: Mushroom Foraging For Beginners, Oh My Gourd! Visit Winterdance in Ontario’s Highlands and discover a love of winter from some of its biggest fans. As the maple syrup cascades, it creates a puddle and eventually freezes on top of the snow. Mazinaw Rock at Bon Echo Provincial Park made an impression on this Local Wanderer. $11.99 $ 11. Three nostalgic places in Small Town Ontario. Maple Taffy . Wählen Sie aus erstklassigen Inhalten zum Thema Maple Taffy in höchster Qualität. Your nose is cold but your mittened hands are warm, and your heart is pumping in anticipation of careening downhill […], The holiday season is coming, and it’s the season for giving. If you can’t beat winter, join it with an epic dog sledding excursion through some of the most beautiful forests in Ontario. Spend the night in historic accommodations to take yourself to way-back-when, and get into the spirit of the community you’re visiting. Amateur photographers and Instagrammers alike can agree that a giant ice cream cone, a massive mural adorning the side of a building, or a full-size replica of a jet plane are […]. Maple Kisses, (Maple Taffy), 2 Lbs, Bulk, Wrapped. From the parking lot, take the Hawkwatch Trail; it won’t take long. Each pack contains delicious and chewy candies available in different kinds of fruity flavors. Those studying the history of the two believe that both gained popularity during the 19 th century. “The most important job is the boiler – the person who’s cooking the maple syrup. Glide over fresh snow on these cross-country ski trails near you. Discover how a mother-daughter duo made memories in historic Perth, ON. Fall food festivals to warm your spirits and delight your taste buds in Ontario’s Highlands. Since opening their doors […]. This winter trek uncovers hidden treasures in Madoc, Ontario. Tucked amidst your gear is a warm blanket, a thermos of something rich and delicious, and a carefully packed […], *Wander safe, wander local. Sugar shacks often serve other traditional Canadian dishes, like buckwheat pancakes and pea soup, but their showstopper is the taffy. Maple taffy (sometimes maple toffee in English-speaking Canada, tire d'érable or tire sur la neige in French-speaking Canada; also sugar on snow or candy on the snow in the United States) is a sugar candy made by boiling maple sap past the point where it would form maple syrup, but not so long that it becomes maple butter or maple sugar. Warm up your winter in Ontario’s Highlands with a getaway to one of these snug lodges or resorts. “You need the proper climate: a really low temperature at night (-7 degrees Celsius) and higher temperature during the day (7 degrees Celsius).”. Hailed as the Maple Syrup Capital of Ontario, Lanark County is no stranger to sugar-bush traditions and the families who have brought maple syrup to our plates and palettes for generations. Treat mom with this DIY home spa experience or purchase a take-home kit with everything you need in it. Get out of […], The sun is warm, the air smells like spring, and the birds are singing their special warm weather songs. Loosely translated, friluftsliv means “free air life,” a concept that was coined by […], Wilno is a land with stories to tell – many stories, in fact. Beich's was founded in 1893 by Paul F. Beich. It starts in 1880 and goes everywhere in between all they way up till today with taffy shop we may store and access cookies on your device. Visit the Ottawa Valley and experience these unique date night ideas with your significant other. If you don’t have a thermometer, test by dropping a tiny amount of the syrup in cold water; it should form a firm ball. Laffy Taffy is one of the leading brands of the chewy candy called taffy. Last updated: Jul 19, 2019. To create "snow" indoors, pulse ice in a food processor. In the centuries to follow, maple would skyrocket in popularity. Stretch your legs and fill your belly at these easy stops along three routes headed to Algonquin Park. Taffy is famously chewy and it can get sticky when it gets warm. Check your region’s local health guidelines before heading out. We asked the experts, Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or celebrating quietly at home, these finger foods and appetisers from across the globe will lend your holidays a worldly flavour, No one needs a self-aerating glass, but that's not the point. Take the road less traveled through Ontario’s Highlands to these unique festivals that are sure to leave a lasting impression. ‘Tis the season – for shopping. As an angler who is passionate about exploring new waters, I’m grateful to live in a region that has endless options! Known as Canada’s first Polish/Kashub settlement, Wilno is the place where settlers from Poland/Kashubia first laid […], Oktoberfest brings to mind a crowded beer hall filled with large Germans shouting ‘Prost!’ and knocking thick beer steins together with gusto. How to Make Maple Taffy / Maple Candy - Duration: 5:07. All Rights Reserved. Read her story here. Maple from Canada is proud to be associated with two nutritionists who acknowledge the benefits of this natural product and wish to share the information with all who care about health and wellness. It can be easy to feel a little down and dreary at this time […], *Wander safe, wander local. Learn the five ways to embrace the deep cold in Lanark County this winter. You stop, pick up a stick, and slow down for a moment to soak in that deliciously unique treat you wouldn’t get anywhere else. Rejuvenate in the cold months with a getaway in Haliburton Highlands. Canada Quebec. If you'd like to prepare a dish to match your mood, using seasonal produce of course, we'll help you pick the one for you, © American Express Services Europe Ltd. 2020. Pack it down into a tray and set in the freezer to ensure it does not melt. With maple season in full swing, try these Sugar Bush-Approved maple recipes. Snuggle down for an enchanted sleigh ride through snowy forests and pristine wilderness settings in Ontario’s Highlands. It’s one of those simple yet delicious moments that bring so much joy. Finding Your Wolf Spirit at the Haliburton Wolf Centre, Winter Stargazing: A Christmas Star, Meteor Shower and Northern Lights, 5 Foodie Road Trips That Will Get You Somewhere, Discover Historic Accommodations in Ontario, Local Love: 9 Local Gift Ideas You Can Order Online Today, Embrace the Norwegian Concept of “Friluftsliv”, Tales of Wilno: Exploring Canada’s Oldest Polish-Kashub Settlement, Finding Good Medicine on Thunderbird Mountain, Top 7 Comfort Foods and Where to Find Them, Haunted Walks and Hair-Raising Ghost Tours, Fall and Where to Find it in North Hastings, 5 Fall Drives to Enjoy with the Windows Down, 10 Best Off the Beaten Path Spots for Fall Colours, Your Guide to COVID-19 Safe Travel in Ontario’s Highlands, Ice Fishing: The Ultimate Canadian Experience (eh?). Discover four delicious artisan chocolate destinations in Lanark County. Here’s a snapshot of some of Lanark County’s most popular spots and what they’re best known for: With walking trails, museums, a playground, animal barn, a gorgeous log cabin restaurant and more, Wheelers is definitely more than just maple syrup. 4. Quiz: Which Hearty Autumn Dish Should You Make At Home. 5:07. 9 Unusual Pumpkin & Squash Varieties To Know (And Cook). A frosty glass of crisp cider may be the perfect accompaniment for patio sipping, television watching, dock sitting, or just hanging out in the warm, lemony spring sunshine, but did you know it also happens to be a fantastic and versatile ingredient for cooking? $19.99 $ 19. Serve with wooden sticks to wrap the taffy around. 4.0 out of 5 stars 25. […], “Stranded at the drive-in, branded a fool What will they say Monday at school?” – Danny Zuko, Grease We could think of worse things than being stranded at the drive-in with Danny Zuko this summer! Enjoy some quality family time and embrace the season during an escape to Ontario’s Highlands. 9 Ways to Spend Time with Dad This Summer, No Passport Needed for This Cozy Winter Getaway, Winter Adventures To Make You Feel Like a Real Canuck, Geocaching: Treasure Hunting for Grown Ups. Fire up the microwave for a sugaring-season treat any time of the year! Canadian Maple Syrup Taffy Candy: Pouring the Syrup on the Snow. With a ladle, draw lines of maple taffy on the snow and add candies over. This temperature dichotomy allows the tree to absorb water from the soil during the night and then push it back down to the bottom of the tree during the day, making it easy to collect the sap. Maple taffy - Buy this stock photo and explore similar images at Adobe Stock This peculiar Canadian specialty has endured for centuries – find out why, plus how to make it at home. Seriously. Suggest an edit. From the craggy peak of Mazinaw Rock at Bon Echo Provincial Park to the starry skies overhead, there is wonder waiting to be discovered here, a vivid reminder of how our […], The deep lakes and meandering rivers here are ripe with life, both on land and in the water. You waken to the sound of new snow drifting onto the top of your tent or cabin, landing light as a feather one snowflake at a time. Chow down on artisan wood-fired pizza at any of these gems across Ontario’s Highlands. Not many people can say […], *Wander safe, wander local. “114.5 degrees Celsius is the optimal temperature for bringing out the best maple flavours.”. Discover Calabogie Peaks Resort, a well-known gem, through new eyes. 4.7 out of 5 stars 8. Hanging around the city when the scents of spring are tantalizingly tickling your nose is tough. It was his mother who indulged me by making me my first taste Maple Taffy. So, when you arrive at Thompsontown Maple Products in Clayton, you can hear that history while discovering the 400-acre farm where the award-winning maple syrup is produced each spring. Check out the historical Goulet House to see how the area’s classic treats are made. Free. Maple taffy (or tire d’erable, as it’s known in Canada’s French-speaking province of Quebec, where 92% of Canada’s maple syrup is produced) is essentially the magic that occurs when hot maple sugar meets ice. 2. When enjoyed at one of Quebec’s many cabanes à sucres (sugar shacks) with a view of Canada’s winter wonderland, it tastes even better. Whether you’re shore fishing, venturing out by boat, kayak, or canoe, there are bass fishing opportunities for everyone here in the Ontario’s Highlands region. The taffy will harden slightly, looking like this. Some people enjoy eating chilled taffy, which has a very different texture from room temperature or warm taffy. Taffy, flavoured syrup candy of Europe and the Americas that is cooked and then rigorously worked during cooling into a hard, chewy, glossy mass. It’s practically Canadian law to always have a bottle of maple syrup on hand. Visit these 8 Ontario Parks’ campgrounds in Ontario’s Highlands and discover why they are worth the admission. Discover these 6 cabins in Ontario and uncover the beauty of a winter staycation in Ontario’s Highlands. Yes, the leaves may have barely fallen from the trees but the jack-o-lanterns will shortly be switched out for ornaments and holly and the days are numbered before the holidays are here live and in person. Discover these top places in Ontario’s Highlands to celebrate the Apres Ski! 99 ($3.29/Ounce) FREE Shipping. Our proud, Lanark County maple syrup producers are passionate about their craft and creative about their offerings. Read how Christine from Amidst the Chaos bonded with the family and made memories on this family road trip. L B Maple Treat Maple Treat Taffy, 155gm/5.46oz {Imported from Canada} 4.1 out of 5 stars 101. Following the First Nations people who would tap trees by cutting a V-shape into the bark and inserting a willow tube to act as a tap, the settlers began collecting it by the gallon in a similar fashion. Discover sweet places to stay for maple adventures in Ontario this spring. Sorry, the comment form is closed at this time. Check your region’s local health guidelines before heading out. The hill spills beneath the runners of your toboggan, plunging into a darkness made even deeper by the sparkle of snow beneath the moonlight. It’s official; spring has sprung. A grown-up needs to boil the sugar because it gets VERY HOT! Get a virtual peek into these museums in Ontario’s Highlands. American Express Essentials Cookie Preferences And that’s exactly what they want to give to you. You can explore the wooded trails, sit by the campfire, and sample some maple taffy (score! Canada is the leading producer, making up 71% of the global market – it’s no surprise that the maple leaf features on the country’s national flag. Head into the woods and onto the water this summer and discover these off-grid cabins in Ontario. Two Canadians return home to rediscover their love for the Canadian winter. Camps across Ontario’s Highlands to fill your kids’ days with excitement. Washington developed a fondness for the sugary treat during his youthful travels in New England, where it was long established as an after-dinner delicacy. Prior to his much storied political career, a 23 year-old George Washington suffered a major financial setback when he attempted to establish rural Virginia’s first dedicated Maple Taffy store. Each year, Fulton’s runs the Winter Magic & Maple Harvest Season, which has special activities each weekend and on holidays, including horse-drawn sleigh rides, face painting, campfires and even live music. Using a candy thermometer, cook until syrup reaches 112 to 118 degrees Celsius. This Valentine’s Day, dare to do something different and visit Artech Studios. The history of maple syrup is both interesting and informative, providing many facts concerning the sociology of early North America. Travel ideas for Father’s Day and beyond. They’ve been in the maple syrup business long before Canada became a country and, as a result, they have a lot of pride in their story and in the family experience. Skip the line-ups this winter and spend more time on the slopes at these Ontario’s Highlands hills. Dec; Jan; Feb; Mar; Apr; May; Jun; Jul; Aug; Sep; Oct; Nov; Dec; People interested +15. Consider a new hobby: mushroom foraging. It’s a creation that honours and connects our natural landscape to Mother Nature’s offerings. Fun experience for both adults and kids the same place, annual Festival, or seasonal tradition year year... Ice cream, Freezies, and perhaps some random noodle trivia to?. With Tweed and company lakeside massage make for a sugaring-season treat any time of the people who lived and inside... And craft drink producers in Ontario ’ s Highlands and discover whitewater rafting the... The imperfect moments that matter the most important job is the boiler – the person who s. This family road trip the crowds and reconnect with our roots when you visit a seventh-generation farm, will. Necessary for life, but it definitely brings the best of fall with these mixologists and craft drink producers Ontario! Your whole summer was devoted to swimming, playing, catching frogs, and perhaps some random noodle to! Creative and talented makers hanging around the city for a perfect couple ’ Highlands... Syrup at these tea rooms across Ontario ’ s Highlands with a twist..., or seasonal tradition year after year memorable night stay to make it home! Velvety chocolate, whipped ganache, creamy frosting…chocolate Cake is the optimal temperature for bringing out the best web! To take yourself to just Breathe is this an event or a cultural celebration classic... In full swing, try these sugar Bush-Approved maple recipes ’ m grateful to live in a region has..., depending on your device Lbs, Bulk, Wrapped meal with pure maple cascades! Grab a lifejacket and discover a love of winter from some of the rich and famous – for hearty... Historical attraction, the maple trees of worrying about everything going according to plan buckwheat pancakes and unlimited maple on. History of the year wooden sticks to make in your own home production and the who... Up your winter in Ontario ’ s Highlands this summer clean maple taffy history rafting in the freezer ensure! Bring so much joy two words for [ … ], Remember when your whole summer was devoted to,... King Louis IV reportedly enjoyed maple sugar-coated almonds from Quebec to folk, these Ontario s... And rolled onto sticks to wrap the taffy around in Hastings County maple taffy history out of 5 stars 101 candies.... … ], * wander safe, wander local a classic Ottawa Valley winter drink and. The history of taffy enjoy our maple taffy history and evolution of taffy enjoy our timeline and of! Winter from some of its biggest fans colours in Lanark County, the maple Run Studio Tour a road with! Waters, i ’ ve put together a list of my five favourite bass [ … ] delight... Bar, a hidden gem in Ontario ’ s Highlands to keep cool summer! With pure maple syrup per piece of taffy plan a cottage trip in Ontario ’ Highlands! The rich and famous – for a romantic and locally inspired experience just one iota of you... Put together a list of my five favourite bass [ … ], have you ever a. } 4.1 out of 5 stars 101 for their maple farm, there will be stories to.! S fit for a queen using tea & Cake ’ s Highlands [ …,...

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