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Dinosaur Bone #3. This dinosaur bone is tough to find, as it's inside a dark cave that's really tricky to spot. Jumping down on the ledge can cost you a lot of health. To find the fifteenth fragment, you need to get to Fort Wallace and move to the north-west. Very hard to see this one, use eagle eye + again to highlight it when you’re close. I actually started this game over a year ago then took a break for a year, so I don't remember how these quests started, but I suspect the first finds were "free". So I used a glitch to get into New Austin, collected all the Dinosaur Bones, as Arthur. Otherwise, you'll also be rewarded handsomely for your excavation efforts. To get started finding Dinosaur Bones, you need to track down a Stranger. Dinosaur Bone 21 Go further west of Wallace Station to the 'W' in West Elizabeth. There you will find dinosaur bones. When you reach the edge of the cliff, look down and you should see another ledge sticking a bit further out. But in my opinion, out of 29 million people who bought this game, there have to be at least few people that have done it, without any use of help. The ninth bone. The dinosaur bone will be on one of the westernmost cliffs, and is essentially directly south of the "g" from the word Cotorra Springs on your map. Southeast of Horseshoe Overlook you will find a woman in the middle of a pile of mud. This concludes the “A Test of Faith” Stranger Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). You’ll need to find them all to complete sidequest A Test of Faith. It can be found without using the Eagle Eye. Thanks to that you will reach the bones without any problems. If you fall, instead of going down the ladder, the game will only take a few points of life. Dinosaur Bone #2. Source. Dinosaur Bone #4 Completing Red Dead Redemption 2’s Challenges is a great way to earn some better gear — if you can figure out how to complete them.Some of … My friend keeps telling me that its impossible to find all the bones without any help from Internet. This bone is hard to find. The bone sits on a stone and blends in with it. Under the Oil Platform you can climb down a ladder. The dinosaur bone will be down there. Go there and she will present you the restored dinosaur skeleton and give you a secret weapon, the Jaw Bone Knife, made out of dinosaur bone. If so, I've effectively found one set of bones … The fragment will lie on the flat top of a small hill. Then the mission ends and it checks off the dinosaur bones from your collectibles for 100% completion. These bones … Mail off 1 bone for a Quartz Chunk, 15 for a special Skull Statue and all of them for a unique Jawbone Knife. There are sites where Arthur can inspect to uncover dinosaur bones dotted all around the Red Dead Redemption 2 map. At the bottom of it in a dark cave you can find this bone collectible. At the very end of a dried-up river. I thought I'd just find them on my travels, but so far I have one dreamcatcher and two dinosaur bones. It is hidden on a steep rocky precipice between the rocks. To find the fourteenth bone, you must move west from Annesburg. Speak to her and you will find that she asks you to find Dinosaur Bone Locations, there are 30 of them scattered throughout the world of Red Dead Redemption 2. One reason you'll want to find all of the dinosaur bones is to earn the coveted 100% completion trophy.

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