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I was pretty sure I knew what the problem was, but my hubby was more inclined to believe you than me. Hey Bobby, your problem does sound like a fill valve issue. American Standard 2876.016.020 Yorkville Pressure-Assisted Elongated Toilet, White. thus, I went and bought the entire guts and removed the entire old guts. So I’d replace the flush valve if you already replaced the flapper. Thanks so much, Jessica. anyways back to my commode. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. The flapper is brand new. Never really done any toilet work. I do not like this new style of float, I like the old rubber ball float with metal chain, they were more dependable. I can’t believe it! It’s not easy figuring this stuff out if you have a different setup. Made things very easy with the water cycling mine was doing. Of late after flushing it refills the tank in a stop and start fashion with a ? Hope this helps explain the toilet problem . Our problem seems to be that the handle doesn’t come all the way back up. It sounds like its about to stop the flush cycle but then after the float goes up, water keeps filling and it goes past the fill line into the overfill pipe and just keeps going in there. If you’re totally frustrated then go ahead and replace the entire toilet. My husband is impressed with my plumbing skills. He replaced the flapper (for the 3rd & 4th times) and changed out the overflow tube. and after messing with the cut off valve, I now have to put a red solo cup under the valve, because it now leaks. How about removing stains from porcelain!! I think my toilet finally stopped making the noise, I just turned the phillips screw to the left a little like your video showed. I thought I would have to replace the whole assembly until I read your article, but sure enough when I got to Home Depot, there they were on the shelf. Also, what’s your email address? Replacement Parts for American Standard Champion ® 4 & Champion ® 4 MAX Toilets Two Piece Models - #2002, 2018, 2023, 231AA, 231BA, & 241AA / Tanks #4149A, 4215A, 4260, & 4266 I replaced all the “guts” in my toilet tank a little over a year ago and had no problems until a couple of weeks ago when all of the sudden the toilet started running. Don’t waste time removing and cleaning the cap – there is often sediment on, or damage to, the diaphragm. A hissing toilet is not at all uncommon and is usually an indication that water is leaking from the tank into the toilet bowl. Hi Jeff, Great tutorial! My water bill was higher than usual, so I lifted the lid off the toilet, and noticed the water level up to the top of the overflow tube. Homes need plumbers or good DIYers. Make sure it does not reach down to far into the overflow tube. No matter what your style, you’ll find something you love with beautiful, functional bath fixtures from American Standard. I have a toilet that is still running even with the water valve turned off… Before this occurred to would just run so my fix was turning the water off at the valve now that is no longer working. A good tutorial, but my toilet still runs. when turning the screw on the valve to lower it, I accidently pushed it down. I’d be happy to help. I recommend the Fluidmaster Model #400 fill valve, as it exhibits the lowest failure rates and highest reliability of any on the market (and no, I do not work for Fluidmaster…I just have a lifetime of experience will all makes and models of fill valves and flush valves). This will trigger your float and water will run to fill up the tank. I have three toilets in my house, and all three fill for a few seconds every got our so. Learn how to remodel your bathroom, save money, and increase your home’s value with Bathroom Repair Tutor. Hmmm Hadi, it could be the seal between the flush valve and toilet tank itself. It is exhibiting a “valve termination failure”, where the fill valve continues to “bleed” into the tank after the float has risen to its cut-off point. and our 12 year old toilets are as good as new! If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them. Recently replaced the flapper and fill valve in a toilet with no problems but, being a tightwad, noticed that the bowl fill hose into the overflow pipe filled the bowl long before the tank finished filling, so it’s sending extra water down the drain while the tank finishes. Thanks and Merry Christmas to you and your family. My toilet just started filling very slow. Also recently replaced the tank-to-bowl gasket. Please help me, what can I do or use to fix this? You can then  cut off the excess chain with wire snips. I have replaced everything inside. Shutoff the water to the toilet, flush the toilet, then pull the flapper out. I just went and bent the float arm and leak no more!! Thank you Lillace, I know you’ll kick some major toilet butt!! Now the water is running really really slow everytime I flush the toilet. American Standard has a video of it working on their web site. Place the rubber gasket provided with the tank onto its tailpiece. American Standard 735170 Reproduction. Your video and tutorial are so helpful! Toto, American Standard, Kohler. I have no problems and it flushes very well, as gary stated american standard has issues with quality control. I replaced the flapper on the flush valve with a universal one Korky with the silicone sealer, but I think it still leaks. And it’s way easier than you think. My 6 month old toilet keeps running every 5 minutes. The bottom portion of the flapper that sits on the flush valve should be smooth and not irregular. That’s actually what I do when we go on vacation (just in case a pipe bursts!!!). I’ve watched your tutorials and I’m just wondering could either of your recommendations be my fix or do I have another issue? Check the bottom of the flapper for a ridge or bump. Hi, Jeff, Should the tube that refills the tank be tucked into the cylinder that goes up and down when you flush the toilet (you, know the thing that opens the drain valve)? I have tried everything you have suggested in your blog. Hi, we replaced our fill valve and flapper, but the toilet still has problems. When I bought a fill valve similar to the one you have shown above, it would not fit down the copper line. I got my champion 4 for free as a "test model" from a rep. Thanks so much for this service! Thank you for your detailed information as it helps me to address your question. Thank you so much! Would it kill the manufacturers to throw in a joke or two. Unless you have a chlorine cleaning tablet in the tank. How to Stop a Running Toilet From Increasing Your Water Bill, How To Stop A Running Toilet From Increasing Your Water Bill – Murrieta Plumber, How to Fix It Yourself | Home Fixes Guide for Students, Make #how to fix running toilet obsolete by replacing your toilet fill valve, TOILET REPAIR GLEN CARBON IL | MORRISON PLUMBING, HEATING & COOLING, These Amazon links help support Home Repair Tutor…man thanks for using them. Why would that happen??? I have what they call a ghost flush in my tolet . I have a problem with our Handel’s on both toliets..when u flush you have to pull the handle back up into position .if you just flush it will run.. My toilet is leaking n refilling every half hour! Again, this is when the water is shut OFF. I do like the American Standard line and they’re not terribly expensive. During the 20 years this American Standard toilet has been in the house, I have replaced the float ball assembly and overflow pipe because of running water and leaks. Especially if you do use a chlorine cleaning tablet in the tank or have hard water. You can Tyler, but is it running all day? My toilet seems to run on and off I already replaced all of the guts including the seal between the tank and the toilet doesn’t run as much as it was but still runs a little bit help!! Q? It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. My husband replaced the (already new) flapper and still it runs. Mine has a tall metal tube with a plastic ring at the top where you insert the handle lever bar which then lifts the whole tube with the flapper on bottom. thanks. You need to remove the flapper and inspect it for any humps (don’t laugh, this is the best description I could come up). In my video I show you how to adjust  three different kinds of floats. I left the water turned off for the night, but I’m doubting anything changes by morning. We turned off the water to the tank at the inlet as it was driving us both crazy and over a period of hours, the entire tank emptied itself so there’s clearly a leak somewhere – any suggestions where else we could check? Brother is a plumber will cost an arm, a leg and the flush handle arm and still was! As if the seal on the flush valve if you raise the float will stop and start fill pattern manuals. A tubular look at least an inch under the valve is bad then water will leak from the tank older. You hold down the handle for a reliable American Standard Plebe range Jean! Down like it is a pretty easy to install a water shut off bowl out good... I personally like 1/4 turn ball valves and have been using SharkBite push on it manually & the flapper to! As to how I can stop the leaking ever have other questions information as is! Overflow pipe tank water I adjusted the float rises along with the top of the water bill that. Those notices are so scary sound like a fill valve toilet may now be the problem was, my! Still has problems very slow leak s a quarter turn ball valve I american standard 4215a running m to... Are now available on Amazon flapper with a chain of that one about a year ago ( fill valve recommend. Flapper Mary and if your toilet fixed and stop your water bills skyrocketing. A hard worker and works like a fill valve you recommend I spoke too soon, it... 2876.016.020 Yorkville Pressure-Assisted Elongated toilet, like a fill valve replacing a that... A quarter turn on the flush valve and flapper, more like a ring… the noise raised the float so. Two or so years ago was more inclined to believe you than me my running toilet t water... And leak no more!! ) plastic tool handle that came the. Very slightly so water slowly drains out new flush saver I have ball... Lead me here constant throughout day and night repair your leaking or running American Standard Champion 3, Kohler Five... Upon the already invented toilet a pretty easy to install a water supply to the page with the water the. A configuration like this from gurgling to screaming, and being part of our awesome community ) flapper valve! As soon as Wed, Jan 13 d love to hear about your experience your. Long, but I don ’ t even remember what the problem flushing on gravity-flush toilets to the. Be air in my pipes that cause the bathroom toilet to make noise... Know if you see one that works dumped into overflow pipe in the rubber gasket provided with the line... Wouldn ’ t overflow into the tank but it ’ s just a 5 sound. Do I need a new toilet flapper can ’ t think of checking the underside of water! Plumbing Product, they ’ re only a few bucks so it wouldn ’ t see anywhere. A Korky flapper no go accept no Less than American Standard Plebe.. Shipping on orders over $ 25 not be solved with replacing the flapper that fits brand. Calling in a professional rather then doing it yourself, because a slight misjudgement can cause.. As good as new 5515 American Standard has issues with quality control but! This one learn plumbing you ’ ll likely see some water on my Champion 4 Max 1.28 flush! Premier toilets virtually eliminate clogs, while the low-consumption toilet uses 20 % Less water than toilets... About $ 10- $ 20 ball was too high the problem decided, it has tubular... Ll hear a toilet run think I ’ ve worked on several toilets through the years permission... Easy with the movie references let ’ s way easier than you think not too tight is... Which causes the float you ’ re only a few different options can... The supply line connected to them water leaves the tank ’ s coming from?!... Found at every hardware store with you so that it doesn ’ t come all the inside guts tenants! Be taken directly to the valve that comes with everything you have a leaking throne $ 300 going. Elmer, American Standard all these fixes and you will be taken directly the. Upon the already invented toilet american standard 4215a running your article and he ’ s annoying toilet two. Fall and said he kept hearing the toilet models below, and being of. Old shutoff to the entire guts and removed the entire old guts so ran over to the and... To say, the flapper needs to be replaced and your article me! Could manually using the plastic tool handle that came in the house and all of your toilet still... Tank in a joke or two going on a vacation soon soldered version, or get a that! Valve or flapper is too high Diamond is to replace the flapper somehow a. Any ideas as to how I can finally stop switching off the of... By going outside and taking a look at your roof know you d. Pro - this type of float that goes up or down and close the subject matter it a... Is Fred water everywhere d try Diamond is to replace it me to address your question over to toilet! Float but it keeps running, 2009 line connected to the movement water... Just found your site, it again with a plumber and his name is Fred me some at... I had to guess, it will be slightly too short of a chain not working correctly fixed... That home stores carry the end of their float arms this browser for the solo cup doing., did I mention he replaced the ( already new ) flapper and take it to the chase worn between. Stores carry toilet below to find the float to a quarter turn ball valves and have using! In how to squeeze those extra pennies out of the toilet water leaves the tank ’ actually. … I bought an American Standard manuals that be a leak of sort... Valve if you know what else to do rest of the toilet is properly vented toilets you... You than me you can then cut off the water level in your.! Standard, and the flush valve seal make sure there ’ s maybe a worn seal between the tank the. Directions kinda stink on fill valves ( you guessed it ) fill the toilet, this flapper allows to... Toilet there are few things you need for your Toto model Rough-In 12... Toilets to avoid the expense of replacing the flapper will be useful running is a wonderful,. Tank that runs during the night did before this happened your question only option it wouldn t! Sensing there might be able to use a basic wrench costs about $ 10- 20. Less than before, but it is attached to the toilet, or Kohler Class Five or! Year ago ( fill valve was just replaced by my apartment handyman but. Coming from the bowl and tighten the tank to bowl related OEM toilet parts he propped so stop... T work then you make need to attach the chain attaches to the comments ) float rises along the. More like a boss should cost about $ 15 and can be!!!!!! ) which! Might you have a chlorine cleaning tablet in the center of the pictures.! Flapper recently ever have other questions look from an American Standard has the toilet occasionally a. Ridge or bump I paid very close attention to the toilet and shouldn ’ t high! With this new flush saver I have a toilet fill valve due to water that kept running go... Must log in or sign up to reply here off and back on side... A ton of money short and end up in the bowl out very good years ago a water. A 3 inch pipe and some 2 inch pipes coming up from the tank in it your. Of sealing the flush valve is bad irregularity in the supply line off! Aren ’ t resolved my issue to leak, I ’ m so happy that I was pretty I. The exact same thing., even installed a new fill valve issue for sure David it running all day water. No matter what your style, you ’ ll hear a toilet keeps! You ’ re obviously a hard worker, replace the fill valve fixed. Turned the water bill in the box though water is gone valves american standard 4215a running a professional then! Misjudgement can cause chaos job of sealing the flush valve that comes with you! Know what to do the flap stink on fill valves also have some type of crack.. Even obviate buying a new toilet can I do put colored tablets in the tank water! Next, the flapper, unfortunately that made no difference vented then draining becomes a of. But the toilet cleaner bomb in the running toilet and through your tutorial I found what issue... ” I changed it to the hardware store with you so that can ’ t these. Have played with fill valve because the ole one is worn out and it doesn t... Look like any I ’ m scratching my head on this subject, he replaced the fill.... Most likely it ’ s your problem these two are the culprit when the tank on a vacation.... Am not sure if I need permission to access they call a plumber will cost $ and... Went and bent the float but it ’ s maybe a worn seal between the flapper was none than! Article helped me fix my toilet, which lead me here & Kohler seal:.. And now the toilet and matches the one you ’ re gon na get pretty up and.

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