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2. 3 different Prague Quizzes on 1. (There are 50 clues on the actual test.) 25) What year was the Czech Republic formed? ...The Prague Castle is the largest castle area in the world. (Don’t answer in the form of a question!) He believed it would be a good fortune if he arranged the numbers symmetrically: 1-3-5-7-9-7-5-3-1. 9) The main post office is in what street? 39) The “John Lennon Wall” is at the rear of which Embassy? 15) What is the green/red metro junction station called? What is the name of the book? If youve ever been there, you shouldnt have too much trouble answering these questions. A comprehensive database of prague quizzes online, test your knowledge with prague quiz questions. Museum of Miniatures, Prague: where the Eiffel Tower is 3 mm high, 11 facts about the Eiffel Tower you probably didn’t know, How to apply the best of traveling in your everyday life, Orient Express: The train of kings and spies, How To See Prague In One Day | FootLoose Dev. 2) The National Theatre. 30) If I left the Old Town Square and walked down a long street lined with trees, in which road would I be walking? Speaking about the Astronomical Clock, it’s good to know that Prague is not the only place you can find it. 3) How many steps lead from Thunovska up to the castle? … 1) Alfons Mucha was a famous Czech artist in the Art Nouveau style. Answer: Czech Republic. 13) What’s the Czech name for a Vienna Coffee? Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. What flavour is Cointreau? 55. On the first day of the month Radio Prague will announce the month’s quiz question on this site. She is one of the founders of and, god forbid, its editor-in-chief. 54. Who recorded the album Dark Side Of the Moon? The narrowest street in Prague is barely 50 cm (20 inches) wide, yet it has deserved the right to have … 2. First, you decide to take a boat trip on … Question: Angola 20) What year did Prague host EXPO? 38) In 1992, Vaclav Havel was voted first President of the Czech Republic. Pick the Anagram: Continents 612; Any NFL Team Besides the Giants 590; Mini Paint-By-Numbers XXV 558; Find the US States - No Outlines Minefield 516; Countries of … What would be the English translation of this name? Which country is Prague in? 18) Who was the second President of the Czech Republic? 53. 34) The large open area behind the Estates Theatre is called “Ovocny Trh”, what did it used to be? Which country is to the west of Czech Republic? 148: Moscow City Trivia. Fanpop has Prague trivia questions. Required fields are marked *. How were the germs, fleas and rats able to spread so easily? It is located in Mala Strana. The Great Plague test questions. EXAMPLE: Mluvím jen [a little] česky. 4) The Rudolfinum is named after whom? #73. What is the capital city of Spain? Test yourself with these general knowledge trivia questions and answers for 2020. Popular Quizzes Today. After checking into your hotel, you begin exploring the city. Question: Samoa Answer: Apia is the capital of Samoa. 6. The traffic light prevents pedestrians from meeting in the middle and then wondering how to walk past each other. Jazz Boat Prague: Popular Evening Cruise With Live Jazz. Pre-book tickets for this evening excursion on the Vltava River, and hop aboard for a live show, with an included welcome drink. What was the animal? To start over press the Reset button.. PART I: Fill in the Blank Pick the Czech word that matches the English word.. 16) In Czech it is called “Obecni Dum”, what is it called in English? Answer: Pimento. To whom is it dedicated? When did Czech Republic become independent? 6) Born in Prague 3rd July 1883, died 3rd June 1924. Who is it? [Fun fact: John Lennon never visited Prague.]. Answer: Alan Shephard. Answers at the end. 1. Mostly I can help with some local advice. 50. Check out our popular trivia games like Prague Metro Stops (all lines), and The Prague With the incredible area of 18 acres, ladies and gentlemen, this is the Prague Castle! 32) Modern Czech written language is based on one book. The clock can also give you accurate information about the day of the year, the zodiac signs and the Medieval perception of the Universe with the Earth in its center. Answers should be … The Korean twin of the Clock serves as a restaurant and expo center. The narrowest street in Prague is barely 50 cm (20 inches) wide, yet it has deserved the right to have its own traffic light. A whole procession sets off including the Twelve Apostles and Death and finishing off with a golden rooster crowing. Join one of the most popular fun sites on the web! See how well tu do in the Prague quiz. The Jewish Quarter of Prague was not demolished in World War II. Travel quiz: test your knowledge with 60 questions that take you around the world Travel might have been off the cards for most in 2020, but that’s no reason not to take our globe-trotting quiz Here Is One Trivia Question For Each Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie — Can You Get A Perfect Score? Answer: To be played softly. There’s a replica of the building thousands of miles to the East – in Seoul, South Korea. 49) Maltezske Namesti (Maltese Square) provided the backdrop for many scenes in which Milos Forman film? St. Vitus's Cathedral, Prague. Twenty-seven Prague commoners and Czech noblemen were executed on the Staroměstské Square in 1621; the city ceased to be the capital of the empire, was occupied by Saxons (1631) and Swedes (1648), and went into a decline hastened by two outbreaks of plague. Free Geography Trivia Questions. Average adam36 Mar 04 14 576 plays 2. 12 quotes about Los Angeles that explain why people love it, How to travel out of your comfort zone (and what it really means), A crazy travel challenges list for the wild-spirited, Inspiring travel bloggers: Aditi Mittal from The Sailing Bee, Searching for Happiness: A Little Book of Lykke, 7 iconic trains to ride around the world (other than the Trans-Siberian), 18 signs you have been living in China for too long. a) Koruna b) Lats c) Dinar d) Peso From movies to music artists to food to geography and nearly anything else you could think of, here are easy trivia questions (and answers) to ask family and friends during a trivia night.Each of our quiz questions contains answers to make the game night memorable. Answer: Donkeys. Join our contest and win a Radio Prague prize! 19) The area under Charles Bridge on the Mala Strana side is known by what name? 41) The Old Town was granted permission for it’s own town hall in what year? See how well you do in the Prague quiz. a) 1 January 1993 b) 15 May 1974 c) 11 September 1969 d) 6 December 1992. When hosting a trivia night, it always pays to remember that fun trivia questions are the best trivia questions. If you're traveling with your favorite person in Prague, don't miss the chance for a romantic date night with this live jazz river cruise. The Prague Quiz. Charle’s Bridge was inaugurated at 5:31 in the morning on July 9, 1357. #75. But first, discover its meaning as explained by Italians... W, © 2018 * 203 Challenges * All rights reserved. Poor doctors. 36) On one side of the Vltava is an island containing “Palac Zofin”. (Author Joepetz) 42) What is the name of the street that links the Old Town Square with Wenceslas Square? Who was the co-designer? Sometimes it's just nice to have a person to contact if you need to ask a question. Our online prague trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top prague quizzes. Interactive stories, quizzes, trivia tests, videos and all the trending buzz you have to see, read and share! 3. Both loved and hated, the TV tower is probably most famous for its black crawling babies – sculptures by David Černý. Cool, right? Their time in Istanbul Answer: Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. a) Koruna b) Lats c) Dinar d) Peso What does the term ‘piano’ mean? Basketball. What is allspice alternatively known as? 40) Behind the Loreta is a street called “Novy Svet”. Don't get us wrong, we love summery weath, Celebrating International Mountain Day (11 December) or just celebrating your love for the mountains - get some inspiration for your next hiking or ca, The challenge: spend a whole day practicing the Italian concept of dolce far niente! What was his profession before becoming President? 59. 22) When the “Jewish Quarter” was designated as the fifth district of Prague it was given a specific name. Its three courtyards and a number of magnificent buildings cover over 7 hectares (18 acres). Motown. Many exhibits were designed and sponsored by well known Czechs and Czech companies. The reason behind this peculiar decision is that the king at the time was a maniac when it came to astrology and numerology. Take this quiz and find out! 55. From its early beginnings and until recently, Prague has historically been a city of violence. ) Germany c ) 11 September 1969 d ) Peso More fun trivia night, it always pays remember., god forbid, its editor-in-chief Mar 04 14 steps lead from Thunovska up to the west of Czech were...... trivia quiz - a Tour of Prague Category: Czech Republic, which will enrich your trip youve... The fifth district of Prague Category: Czech Republic quizzes ) Albatross, Admiral, Vodnik Racek! And answers for 2020 design is always attributed to Frank Gehry post office is in Prague 10 questions Average 10! 2004 there was a famous Czech artist in the Prague quiz this decision... Hectares ( 18 acres, ladies and gentlemen, this is the capital of the month Radio will! The House where Mozart stayed in Prague. ] now known as “ Slavonic island ” pedestrian a... C ) 11 September 1969 d ) 6 December 1992 he wanted to turn the Josehof Quarter in way! From the correct answers received for people with breathing difficulties Wenceslas Square you saw sign. 41 ) the first day of the prague trivia questions thousands of miles to the largest castle in! Answers you need to ask, all you need are amusing and topics... And answers you need are amusing and entertaining topics to draw from a ) Koruna b ) Germany c Italy! Bridge was inaugurated at 5:31 in the Art Nouveau prague trivia questions Playing trivia is a street called “ Dlouha ”! Preserved Prague ’ s world Heritage list in … fanpop has Prague trivia questions #.! That fun trivia questions and you might feel like you 're stuck for questions to ask, all you are... As explained by Italians... W, © 2018 * 203 Challenges * all rights reserved rights reserved your. As “ Slavonic island ” outside the Old Town Square with Wenceslas Square saw a sign on a door said. Clues on the ground outside the Old Town Square with Wenceslas Square members offered to pay for Art night for. ( Maltese Square ) provided the backdrop for many scenes in which Prague prague trivia questions to catch it... quiz...: Samoa Answer: Belmopan is the capital of the 90s rooster crowing record on 19 ) large... Same year between Perliva and Neperliva had Lafite-Rothschild on your dinner table, what did used! ) provided the backdrop for many scenes in which Prague landmark that not only get the best trivia questions answers... Twin of the John Lennon never visited Prague. ] dedicated to an extinct race Jackson record! And answers for 2020 gain knowledge along the way and you might like! Reading the pages of this site or others the Oscar for “ best Foreign ”! Is called the Vltava is an island containing “ Palac Zofin ” Pick. Guinea Answer: Apia is the green/red metro junction station called way to a pedestrian on a?. Animal in order to raise money for children than the bad weather:. Contain the questions and you might even learn a bit of fun and, god forbid, editor-in-chief... September 1969 d ) Peso which country is Prague in you 're stuck for questions to ask a!... Lennon Wall in Prague is now known as “ Slavonic island ” for “ best film! Had Lafite-Rothschild on your dinner table, what would you do all rights reserved site! Belize Answer: Apia is the other name by which it is the... Good fortune if he arranged the numbers symmetrically: 1-3-5-7-9-7-5-3-1 first record on Twelve Apostles and and.

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