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In fact, this was … When you pitch companies or agencies, keep your pitch letter short, sweet and to the point. 1. Influencer marketing may be profitable, but it also comes with a few challenges of its own. If the thought of writing an email to a brand seems scary to you, especially if you’re starting out in the influencer industry, you are not alone! If you have a Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn and you consistently post on these platforms for your blog/brand, you can also pitch these platforms to be included in brand collaborations. Discover my exact email pitch formula, writing examples, and influencer insider tips on how to get a response from your dream brand. I’ve seen influencers use IGTV to show how to apply make-up products, clothing hauls, and even apartment tours for brands. [AD] Today I'm partnering with @loft to tell you a little bit about it…. Introduce yourself (who you are and what you do), Explain why working together makes sense (use brand buzz words, values, and explain how you could benefit them), Directly link your Instagram and Media Kit, Ask a question that’s not a yes/no question. Brands have one shot to make a … Required fields are marked *. The 7 Things to Include in Your Next Brand Email Pitch: Brand Email Pitch Introduction: 1. On the same hand, it’s good to be open to negotiation. Then, I try to pinpoint their brand buzz words and values to use in my pitch. Purpose of the email/state why you are reaching out: Brands and PR companies get hundreds of emails a day and you don’t want to create confusion in your first few sentences. Bring that commitment to distinction into every elevator pitch. Starting early gives you time to pitch brands, negotiate, shoot content, plan your content calendar, and consider what you can handle as an influencer. Pick the Right Brand Before You Pitch. “I love that (the brand) is inspired by modern voyagers. Hi there! If you can pique enough interest to get someone to open your email, you’ve won half the battle. #wfhlife #remoteworking #workremotely, A post shared by Emma | Seattle Content Creator (@emmasedition) on Apr 10, 2020 at 8:27am PDT. In almost all my brand collaborations, I always pitch at least one Instagram post to be featured on my feed. If it’s on the longer side, consider the straight forward example. How to pitch yourself as an influencer to brands [+Templates] When done right, influencer marketing can help you tap into the already established audience and reach of an influencer to raise brand awareness. It’s clear, straight to the point, and offers a specific idea that’s not only unique, but also shows how you can benefit the brand. ... You never know if the person standing before you is the very influencer who will share you and your message with their audience, catapulting your brand to an entirely new level of impact and growth. Brands have declined my rate and later circled back around. But I’d love to bring podcast advertisers on by the end of this year! TikTok is becoming one of the most popular social media platforms in 2020. The long wear liner has a super fine, marker-esque tip to make it easy to draw bold lines with the pitch black, quick drying ink. In most cases, an influencer will create a post similar in style and content to their usual repertoire, while including some element of brand representation or messaging. Take a moment to compare your aesthetic, your style, and your values to the brand you are reaching out to. In January 2018, the city announced they were 3 months away from running out of clean water! When you pick brands to pitch to as a micro-influencer, make sure to choose brands that share your values and have the same target audience as you do. My name is Haley and I’m a life and style influencer and content creator based in the San Francisco Bay Area. 1. But, don’t be afraid to move things around to find something that works perfectly for you. Free vs. When a brand is looking to partner with an influencer, they will want to understand as much as they can about your niche or target audience. Think of this as your elevator pitch. When I first started working with brands in 2016, the exchanges were easy. Influencer narratives tend to strongly resonate, inspiring the life choices of their audience, shaping their style and tastes, and – importantly for brands - influencing their purchasing decisions. The 3 Key Ingredients in a Successful Influencer Pitch. ‍♀️Even though I’ve traded my outdoor photo shoots with friends to inside my apartment with self-timer photos, I’ve kept my hair washing routine to 3x a week. First of all, taking the initiative to reach out to a brand is a boss babe move. Spend $30 on @Neutrogena products at @CVS_beauty, get a $10 Gift Card through Fandango just by showing your receipt! Sep 29, 2020 - Create an influencer partnership with online brands for increased income. ⬆️ All available online @Target. I took on more this year, knowing I don’t have much of a social life or holiday parties to attend (thanks Covid & 2020). It wasn’t until my style and vision matured and I grew up a bit that we became more aligned and eventually ended up working together. • My NEW work from home lifestyle has definitely been an ADJUSTMENT. Don’t start your pitch letter with “Dear blogger” or “Dear influencer.” And please – PLEASE – don’t start by talking about you, how great you are or how important this opportunity is for them. ), Instead of: “Would you like to collaborate?”, Try: “Would you like to collaborate on a styling Reel on Instagram to showcase how to style ___(new arrival item) in 3 ways for the holiday season?”. In my marketing work, I see influencers (bloggers, creators, etc) making some key mistakes when it comes to pitching brands. Research the brand before pitching. You could send a compliment or even respond to their Instagram stories. Make sure the company or brand you are pitching is a fantastic fit for your audience and niche. Bonus: Unlock our free, customizable pitch template to successfully reach out to brands and lock down the influencer partnership of your dreams. If you have a blog, you’ve probably already pitched brands with a blog post. For more blogging tips, I recommend also reading: 7 Negotiation Tips for Bloggers & Brand Collaborations, 5 Lessons I’ve Learned From My Top Earning Brand Collaborations of 2019, 5 Lessons I’ve Learned from Gifted Brand Collaborations, How to Reach Out Collaborate With Brands as a Blogger. It’s especially important to be aligned if you are a smaller influencer because it will give you a competitive edge and make you that much more enticing to the brand. A brand would rather have an influencer who regularly engages with her audience, and who succeeds in having people share her work on a regular basis. It helps the brand understand who you are, starts the relationship off in a friendly manner, and it can differentiate you from all the other influencers in their inbox that day. Start by building a relationship with the recipient of your letter. Since I co-launched the Content Creatives Podcast with Maddy this past February, we’ve been focused on creating podcast episodes and building the community. (Are you ready?). Therefore sometimes it is not easy to prepare ideas and pitch influencer marketing campaigns to clients. It goes without saying that when you reach out to a brand, they will evaluate you to see if it makes sense to work with you. That’s going to get you ignored. One of those challenges involves attracting and engaging potential influencers. Choosing the right brand to partner with is the essential first step. Influencer marketing is going to be a game-changer in the times to come. “You can find my Instagram here and I’ve included my media kit for you to take a deeper look into my platform.”. I took on more this year, knowing I don’t … Boom. The biggest part of this is influencer marketing, wherein marketers connect to certain influencers in the form of a collaboration pitch email to promote their product or service to the influencer’s social media (be it on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) If you aren’t sure what type of deliverables you can pitch to a brand, here is an entire list of ideas you can pull from. How to Work With Brands Part #2: How to Pitch for Paid Collaborations Once you’ve perfected your influencer media kit, you’re ready to start pitching to brands and businesses.. It’s generally a good idea to contact brands who are already working with influencers, as they are more likely to have an allocated budget and a streamlined process in place for managing campaigns. The influencer did share helpful ROI metrics, but the brands … The demand (and budget) for influencer marketing grows every year, and it’s already a multi-billion dollar industry. We pitched the influencer and he immediately understood the value of the brand relationship and recognized the fit with his audience. However, this doesn’t mean you have to come across as extremely cold and formal. If you’re getting comfortable producing videos, I would recommend pitching IGTVs for brands. You’ve learned my exact formula for reaching out to brands for an Instagram collaboration. Are you a microinfluencer (under 50,000 followers) looking to work with brands? Aug 1, 2019 - Learn to pitch to brands as a blogger and land brand collaborations with this step by step guide that helps you craft the perfect pitch. If you are an influencer yourself, you probably pitch to brands frequently. There are millions of brands out there, and not all of them will be the right match for you. Prepare Your Research . Brand Ambassador Pitch Template. You are not only an influencer, you are a business woman, which means you have to be professional. I go on the brand’s website and I read their About Me page. “Pitch and Respond to Brands” Overlook. So as both a linguist (that was my degree, way back when!) I didn’t know who to reach out to, I didn’t really know what to say, and I didn’t even know if I was qualified to ask for a collaboration. Some brands might be looking to build their LinkedIn presence or target a specific audience on Facebook. People will only convert into your customers when they begin to recognize and see your brand. You can form a long-term relationship with the brand. I grew by 300-400 followers in that one IG story take over in 24 hours. Chrystie of Living for Naptime shows an excellent way you can use a Trello board to organize the process of outreaching to brands: Platforms You Could Join as an Instagram Influencer … In this blog post, I’m going to teach you about the prep work that needs to be done before reaching out to a brand, how to format your email pitch for a collaboration, various writing examples, and my insanely specific tips along the way. And my hair always holds curls better on day 2 of my non-wash days. IF responses to your pitch but no acceptances THEN improve the value exchange. 7 things every brand pitch should include 1. But here are 3 things that have helped me be PRODUCTIVE at home: • 1. … I thought it would be helpful to put together a post with some scripts… PR people are busy bees and receive tons of influencer inquiries on a daily basis. I usually include Instagram story frames in every brand collaboration pitch. Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels in 2020. Starting early gives you time to pitch brands, negotiate, shoot content, plan your content calendar, and consider what you can handle as an influencer. She shared a real email template she uses to pitch brands for sponsorships. Most emails go unread. Next, we need to write a stellar introduction for your brand email pitch template. I did the Maxx50 Challenge (spent $50 in TJ Maxx) and shared with the TJ Maxx audience what I picked up for $50. As time consuming as it is to send emails to brands, you’re a boss babe for doing it. Alright guys it is time to step into the world of influencer marketing. And keep it short! It’s truly about how you and the brand can work together to benefit each other and create buzz-worthy content. Influencer Marketing Outreach: How to pitch your brand just right In October, food writer and recovering alcoholic Jack Monroe took to Twitter to share her standard response to the emails she gets from alcohol brands who want to work with her. Thing to Include #2: Introduction. Keep in mind the length of your email. Hi Emma, I just recently discovered your blog and the Content Creatives Podcast. One of my most successful takeovers was for TJ Maxx in 2017. Follow-up in a week’s time and if you still haven’t heard back a few days later, … A link to your influencer … Figuring out why you want to work with the brand and what value you can provide is the essential ingredient to pitching brands as an influencer. Comment on their recent posts, post their product or Instagram posts on your stories with a tag, and don’t be afraid to send the brand a little love in their DMs. See more ideas about online branding, pitch, blogging tips. I'm loving this comfy outfit from @loft it's perfect for video calls, and also makes me feel good while I focus on what needs to get done for the day. We have been following your profile on [insert social media platform] and love your posts on [insert topic]. If you’re looking to pitch as a micro influencer, the good news is you don’t have to have … From nano to micro to macro-influencers, influencer marketing platforms allow brands to quickly and easily identify and work with tens or even hundreds of influencers seamlessly. If I’m able to offer a blog post, an Instagram post, IG stories, pinterest pins, tweets, and a Facebook post, and maybe a TikTok video, I can do that for a brand. Remember, the goal here is to stand out and radiate all that you have to offer, including that kick-ass personality of yours. 6 Pitch Perfect Email Templates to craft your perfect Influencer Outreach Email - Influencer outreach essentially comes down to connecting with relevant influencers and convincing them to work with your brand, start with these tips and templates. Lastly, a super tiny detail here: I used to send my media kit as an attachment but recently started linking it directly in the email. You got this! Again, in consideration for their time, don’t make the brand work to find information about you. If you’re trying to grow your YouTube channel, I’d also recommend pitching YouTube videos to brands. Then, you can emphasize what’s in it for the brand: “I noticed your recent posts have featured breathtaking destinations with travel tips in the caption. A brand would request to send me clothes or make up in exchange for an Instagram post or blog post. When you pick brands to pitch to as a micro-influencer, make sure to choose brands … And remember, even if you don’t nail a collaboration this time around, it doesn’t mean you won’t work with them in the future. I personally have used to IG stories to highlight how a product works, document an experience, or show how the clothes fit. And nothing is more impersonal than to kick off a business relationship with a lazy copy and paste email. If you’re wondering how to find brands to work with on your blog, Instagram or other social media platforms, we’re here to help. Let’s do a quick recap of everything you’ve learned. In consideration of their time, make sure your email is straight to the point and easy to understand. The best way to get as much purchase data as possible is to provide the influencer with … [ad] • DRY SHAMPOO! Thank you for reading! The following article should help to focus on the most important steps in pitching influencer marketing campaigns. Influencer Marketing 101. • 2. The brands you reach out to should feel like they would seamlessly fit into your personal brand on social media. There’s many ways you can close your email but I like to close my email with a question that requires more than a yes or no answer because it invites the brand to engage in your conversation. I would love help contribute to the series by having your product be the star of the show when I visit (insert drool-worthy travel destination here).”. This way, I can show the brand that I am familiar with who they are and what they stand for and why it makes sense to work together. Plus a FREE Partnership + … You can write blog posts, you can make tiktok vidoes, or you can create photos. @WaterlessHaircare #GoWaterless #dryshampoo #dryshampooislife, A post shared by Emma | Seattle Content Creator (@emmasedition) on Apr 23, 2020 at 8:41am PDT, I’m officially on WEEK 5 of working from home ! A brand contact can tell a copy and pasted letter from a mile away and guess what? Step Two: Figure out a brand or tourism board’s “key messages” to create a … Note: Refind was originally designed to help people with their email campaigns subject lines, but it can also help you with your brand email pitch subject lines. And what would happen if they didn’t respond? We heavily researched a shortlist of influencers to find the perfect candidate, and our time and effort paid off. • If you haven’t heard Waterl

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