ford explorer transmission solenoid problems

A police report was filed. The over drive warning light illuminated on the instrument panel. $1,400 to fix. All of the solenoids are housed in one assembly and are all replaced at the same time. Because of a code p0775 "pressure control solenoid". Paid $100 for the test and was told the solenoid body failed. I rec. I declined the offer of a $937 plus tax repair bill. The approximate failure mileage was 74,000. Serious safety issue, as you may press on gas thinking you're in reverse, and then accelerate!! Ford Explorer Stuck in Park Causes. My husband was able to steer the rolling car off to the shoulder. Common Ford Explorer Transmission Problems. Local dealer said I fall outside of any customer appreciation programs and there is nothing they can do than fix it for me for $3200. I rec. See The vehicle also made a loud noise and then moved in reverse. Went to dealer and had system flushed. For the last 15 years bought 4 new Fords with ext warranty (not used). Car with

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