ff7 remake first boss hard

As for the fight in general, the same tactics apply except you have to be on the boil with healing and make sure you dodge any of Arsenal’s major attacks by using the pillars around the room. It likes to launch missiles at you, and it’s actually better to just block them with and take reduced damage than try and dodge them by running since you’ll almost certainly get hit anyway and suffer more damage. Use Aerith to recover Barret with an Arise spell to bring him back with full health and yet another Limit Break, use catastrophe on the Arsenal one last time and you should get it real damn close to dead. Rude will be so preoccupied with Cloud that she can cast Aero/Aerora almost freely (whilst stopping to heal if needs be) and Stagger him. If this hits you, it will really hurt so the safest option is to run for the debris in the area and hide behind it. Cloud won’t be reappearing again this chapter so you can use as much of his MP as you like. What worked earlier works here; just focus on one at a time using Cloud’s Steadfast Block followed by Triple Slash or Counterstance depending on how much HP you have and how aggressive you’re feeling. For this fight, it’s worth sticking Elemental-Ice on Cloud’s armor (not weapon). Only swap to Cloud if he can use an ATB ability on the head or you need to heal. You’re going to need every last MP in the upcoming 3 boss battles. When 50% of his health is gone, your third character appears and the main battle begins. When the Sentinel’s health hits 75% , it will jump to the wall and attack from range with electric attacks. After the cutsene where his glasses break, he’ll use an attack where he punches the ground with his fist and emit a shockwave which can stun you, so it’s best to hang back and dodge backwards. You’ll see in this fight how overpowered it is when used correctly. Then just attack normally. Is it mainly used for the Healing Spells cost reduction ability? With your weapons, Hard mode will allow you to unlock Weapon Level 6. People have been begging for RE2 and 3 remake for years so it doesn't … So for this fight, you have to carefully manage your MP against a boss who can only be damaged by magic half the time. If you see this, don’t attack him. Hard Difficulty Tips: There’s nothing to add for Hard Mode this time, except equip Elemental-Fire to both Cloud and Aerith (or Tifa) to pack an extra punch. He also uses Shadow Flare and Heartless Angel. It’s probably best during this phase to take out tentacles for the team with a few fully charged tempest attacks, but other than that just be careful not to get hit by Vengeance or caught by a black hole. With a little luck and a little more skill, you’ll be watching the greatest cutscene in the game. With the amount of damage you take on Hard, it will build up extremely quickly so you can just keep using it over and over. He’ll also start counting down to his Limit Break, Tidal Wave. It also likes to use a souped-up version of Chair Salvo called Heavensward, which adds rockets to the chairs it throws at you. Not only that, but again this fight is at the end of the chapter so if you’ve been wise with your MP you can hammer him with Thundagas to really cause some hurt. It is meant to serve a similar purpose to the pre-emptive materia from the original Final Fantasy VII. Also cast Biogo (Level 3 Poison Materia) as it takes down a quarter of the house’s health in one use (it ignores all the elemental stuff going on). This is where you’ll get Gotterdammerung which is going to allow you to spam Limit Breaks quite frequently. It makes mince-meat out of the bosses and is a quick road to staggering them. It’s crucial you bring him down to the ground as quickly as possible otherwise his Javelins will wreck you. Make or break moment. You’ll also want Elemental-Ice on Cloud and make sure a couple of your team have both high level Ice and Wind Materia. He will destroy Shiva with his attacks, so save your ATB charges for those. That’s why Manawall is so essential. When low on health, she has a chance of using her own Limit Break, Diamond Dust, which can really hurt you, so when you see the name of the ability show up above her head, pop a healing spell or two so you can withstand the damage. Keep it up! Final Fantasy VII Remake Hard Mode: Defeating the Airbuster The Airbuster is unique among bosses in FF7R, in that you can make several choices beforehand to weaken it before you have to fight it. Do so and you’ll quickly build the Stagger gauge and do some good damage. Malboro can’t face both characters at once so hit it from both sides with a pincer movement, attacking it with the character who is behind until it turns around, then swap. Wait for Reload, use Braver, use Punisher Mode during Stagger and repeat. The Hell House shifts type throughout the battle, so if you have Ice – for example – equipped and he shifts to Ice-type then you’ll end up healing him! If not, get behind a pillar or you’ll lose the vast majority of your HP. Unleash a leaping attack to knock it down to the ground. However, be mindful that this is your first serious test of whether you’ve got to grips with Hard Mode and the huge jump in damage that bosses can do to you. The first part of Final Fantasy 7 Remake was released with DLC in the form of three summoning materia: Carbunkle, Cactuar, and Chocobo Chick. The first time you encounter Valkyrie, you have to make a dash for the next metal shelter in between bursts of fire. So be sure to have those two Spells equipped. Thank you. Accessory: Headband, Aerith: Assess Info: Once its health falls below a certain level, its stagger gauge cannot be filled. It’s best to just stand and Guard against these than try and outrun them. When Eligor flies, wait for the frontal spear rain (the one you can avoid by standing behind him) and use Cloud or Tifa to attack his back at midair. Buffing Tifa with Unbridled Strength upgrades her attacks from Whirling Strike to Omnistrike > Rise and Fall. Open the fight with Cloud’s Ascension limit break to immediately take the fight into (or at least close to) the second phase. Make sure she has Magnify linked with her Healing Materia, just-in-case. Play against him as normal for a while, block his gunshot attacks, dodge the “Bright Lights” attacks and Counterstance him when you can (keep one ATB in the chamber though). I don’t think you leave combat so can only get to the Pause Screen and not the menu right? Just keep a nice stream of bullets heading for its head from Barret and eventually, it will get frenzied and then saw its way out into the room where Tifa and Aerith lay in wait. After he’s taken a chunk of damage, he’ll take to the skies and use Tidal Roar which are large water spouts that emerge from the floor. Airbuster’s “Greater Resistance” is Stop (not Lightning), as shown in the guide. Once he’s staggered you will want to do as much damage as possible. This should be enough to finish the fight as you have about 30-45 seconds before the laser fires. Description: On your second playthrough of Final Fantasy 7 Remake you can play on the hard mode difficulty. It will also do an attack where it electrocutes the rails, so make sure you’re in betwen the rails or you’ll get hurt. While he’s in the sky, focus on attacking him with Barret and Aerith, hitting his Dorsal Fin to bring him down. For my normal playthrough I spoke to Aerith, and she was NOT in the final battle. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "6b0074bbfcd0a3103fbe67f28ec3dc3e" );document.getElementById("0965a28a4c").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Trophy Guide. Of these, Sleep is more annoying so equip your characters with as many Headbands as you have. To begin with, you’ll have to fight a bunch of Unknown Entities but they go down with regular attacks punctuated by Starshower and Maximum Fury. You’ve got a pretty big fight coming up after this one. This article explains Sephiroth's attack patterns, weaknesses, and tips and strategies for defeating him on both Normal and Hard Mode. You want Lightning + Elemental protection on Cloud’s armor and Wind + Elemental damage on Barret’s weapon. Useless to target the wheels. You can buy more from vending machines and merchants after story. Use this opportunity to hit a few Blizzagas on it and your ice-infused weapons to wreck havoc. Survey Period: July 10, 2020 – July 24, 2020. You’ll only want to attack with Aerith in this fight. You do want to have a maxed-out Poison materia equipped though, it’s going to be the key to winning this thing. Move your Elemental materia from Cloud’s weapon to his armour and link it with a Lightning materia. Shiva, but play it smart with her, don’t summon her until Eligor is in the air, as she’s a huge help for getting him down. Ascension absolutely ruins the Whispers and Bahamut as they have no physical resistance, so pop it at the start of battle and then whenever it’s available throughout the battle to reduce their health significantly. Note: You can hold during the cutscene before this boss fight, giving you access to the menu where you can change the loadout. This is another fight where you’re going to need to be very patient, sometimes it is better to just play defensively until he becomes corporeal again. The most important thing to remember here is that Eligor can now cast reflect on you. They’re weaker than even Easy Mode Tonberries, so you should be able to take them down before they get on their feet. Strategy: After getting through the summon gauntlet, Pride and Joy Prototype is a relief and actually quite easy. In the next stage, the three will all join together as Whisper Bahamut. Repeat this step if the shield goes back up and you’ll eventually Stagger it. He recasts it a couple times in a row, but eventually he’ll cast his spear/ trident spell without reflect active, that’s when to cast blizzaga. This will build up an enemy’s Stagger % rapidly while they’re in that state, and it absolutely murders Ghoul’s health in this instance. As it gets down to 25%, it will start to rotate its attacks more frequently. This guide was created to accompany my Platinum Review, check that out if you have a few minutes!. On the first stagger you won’t be able to kill it. In this case, it’s actually better to die because Aerith can bring the dead character back at full health with “Arise” and they’ll come back without any reflect status. Told you this fight was fun! Just be sure you keep at least half of her MP because you will still need it. Aerith will keep hitting him for decent damage but the real damage will come from your Firagas. An Aeroga will knock him down for a moment, which presents a perfect opening for a Limit Break which should take down most of his health. Come out of hiding to shoot them (or better yet, try and get an angle on them from behind cover) but always retreat back to cover as soon as the Arsenal starts gearing up for another attack. You want Fire + Elemental damage on Cloud and Barret. You can ask Chadley to reset your weapon upgrades if needed in order to let you purchase the skill you need. The Airbuster is one of the most frustrating bosses in Final Fantasy 7 Remake — not because it’s hard, but because it’s time consuming. For anyone else struggling with the final hard VR battle… what worked for me was having elemental-ice on Barret’s armour and using him for the entire Shiva round (she basically can’t harm you, but it takes a while to grind her down), and elemental-fire on Cloud’s armour to soak up Ifrit’s damage when Bahamut summons him (get the elemental materia maxed so he heals you) – it’ll help a bit with Pride & Joy too. If you can, save Barret’s Catastrophe Limit for the Stagger, or if the boss has less than 25% health then save it until the final phase. Then unleash   Rise and Fall > Omnistrike > True Stike (1 ATB) > True Strike (1 ATB). At the start, The Arsenal will be completely immobile and will have 3 drones flying over it, providing it with a shield. This boss should be pretty easy, all things considered, especially if you do get a chance to rearrange your materia. Final Fantasy VII Remake Hard Mode: Defeating the Scorpion Sentinel. This article explains Airbuster's attack patterns, weaknesses, and tips and strategies for defeating it on both Normal and Hard Mode. Employ Elemental Materia linked with Fire Materia on weapons and keep an eye on healing and this will be a breeze. Having regular Limit Breaks every couple of minutes is INCREDIBLY useful. Luckily, using powers of deduction, the only ability Cloud has had since the start that wouldn’t require any mastery of other abilities is Braver. Enemy skills (Bad Breath) can be learned from this monster. This way you don’t have to get too close to him, and Tifa and Cloud won’t get attacked as much with the focus on you. Consider following us on twitter @GetPlat or Instagram @platget for updates on new reviews and guides, as well as small anecdotes about our platinum journeys. Airbuster will continue to use Tankbuster periodically, so just keep an eye out and get out of the way. She can hit fast and is great at getting up in the air. You should have picked up the best attacking Materia in the game, Elemental, in Chapter 6, so you will now see how effective it is. Once it moves over to the girls, just keep using the same strategy. You’ll only have Cloud for this fight but you shouldn’t have any issues if you know what you’re doing. Set-up: For the entirety of the challenge, of which Pride and Joy Prototype is the last fight, a team of Cloud, Tifa and Aerith is highly recommended. Damn, almost a whole chapter without a boss fight! Then use Punisher Mode to kill all 3 Tonberries in one combo. If you have summons available, use those too (avoid Ifrit as Rude has resistance to Fire). It’s still wise to fire off a quick Magnify-Curaga before and after it hits, while of course Manawall (Barrier Materia) will help. This could be critical during the final stage. Accessory: Circlet (alternatively: Healing Carcanet). Check this Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7 Remake, FF7R) boss guide on how to beat Scorpion Sentinel. Or you can destroy the gray spectres to pressure the Enigmatic Spectre which helps build its stagger quicker, either method works. If you end up using too much, restarting the fight is recommended, though there are plenty of opportunities to get a Mako shard. The spikey-haired hero from the 1997 Final Fantasy game has remained well-known despite the game's age, and he gained a fresh, modern look in this year's FF7 Remake.However, Cloud is definitely not the strongest candidate for the title of the hero in the FF7 series. Equip Elemental-Lightning to your armor (not weapons) since he likes to use electric attacks and frequently swaps his elemental resistances so you can’t gain an advantage with attacks. This article explains Ghoul's attack patterns, weaknesses, and tips and strategies for defeating them on both Normal and Hard Mode. As his health lowers, he will send up purple pillars of flame around the arena and teleport around, but these are easy to dodge and you can keep locked onto him and avoid the furniture he’s slamming around. Once it’s back on the ground, keep attacking it up close in Cloud’s Punisher Mode, holding to Guard and then counterattack when necessary. If you do it enough times, he will actually catch on fire and begin writhing around in pain, letting you get some consequence-free hits in on the poor thing. Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Trophy Guide, Cyberpunk 2077 Duplication Glitch and Infinite Money Exploit, Immortals Fenyx Rising Lyre Challenge Guide and Solutions, Pray (optional, but with tight MP restrictions I recommend having one or two), Haste (useful for one boss near the end of the game). 4.8 out of 5 stars 5,201. Use Overcharge, then regular attacks until you can unleash Maximum Fury and repeat the process. Give Elemental + Lightning materia to both Barret and Cloud, on their weapons. Don’t get cocky though, you’re still on Hard Mode so keep those gloves up! Consider giving a maxed Pray materia to Aerith. When you see this attack winding up, duck behind a pillar to avoid it. In FF7 Remake, it’s all to do with this little photo found in the background of one area of the game. Arsenal is one of the hardest and most frustrating bosses in the game. However, with little patience and poor timing, he can struggle where MrZhangetsu would succeed. This is one I was dreading as I remember it being tough in my first playthrough, but if you’re patient and stay out of the way of the big-boy attacks you’ll be just fine. ENJOY THE SHOW ;), I mention that tactic in the boss guide :P, could you tell me why you chose those weapons?? As you’re alone you also don’t need the Magnify materia, so feel free to swap this out.Advertisementseval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'platget_com-leader-3','ezslot_4',176,'0','0'])); You have a whole chapter and another boss fight ahead of you (although you’ll have Aerith join your party later on) so try and save at least half of your MP. This will change her normal “Whirling Uppercut” attack into “Omni-strike” and then “Rise & Fall”. With a whole lot of patience and a good deal of practice, you should be able to make it through in 3 or 4 attempts. The last hit adds about 75% to the stagger bar in one strike. You will definitely need it. So, I hid behind the container, popping around one side every now and then to deal some damage to the legs or let loose an Overcharge attack. For Pounce, Abzu will cling to the wall and prepare the attack. Don’t try and be a hero now, get out of the way! Hard Difficulty Tips: This time, there’s very little to add on Hard Mode except the obvious fact that Airbuster’s attacks hit harder and both Tankbuster/Big Bomber will almost certainly kill you. If you don’t have ATB then get some quick attacks in and roll away before he can counter. Don’t hide behind rubble while it does this, as it will destroy the rubble and you’re going to need as much cover as you can get later on. It’s helped a lot. The damn thing can even spawn Tonberries! Square Enix. Greater Resistances: Fire, Fixed Damage, Proportional Damage, Immunities: Poison, Silence, Sleep, Slow, Stop, Berserk, Immunities: Poison, Silence, Slow, Proportional Damage, Weaknesses / Status Ailments: Lightning, Wind, Immunities: Poison, Silence, Sleep, Slow, Berserk. This isn’t a fun fight at all and just ends up becoming a test of patience, but if you’ve saved enough MP throughout the chapter you should be able to stagger him quickly with ice spells. Conclusion: don’t let it happen. Other than that, make sure you take the drone out instantly and use the debris around the battlefield to protect you from attacks rather than trying to Guard or dodge. You’re alone for this fight, but Cloud has an amazing ability which he will learn from the Twin Stinger weapon called “Counterstance”. Continue whacking at him and avoiding his attacks until he runs out of health, then this section will end. The Arsenal will begin using a move called “Firewall” which it will use to trap you within a bowling alley of it’s own design, down which it can just pelt you with devastating attacks. Lesser Resistances: — Greater Resistances: … Hard Mode Tips: There’s not much more to add, except to eqiup Tifa with Gotterdammerung to use her Limit Break straight away. Took me 3 previous tries…then loaded out like you suggested, and BAM, got him!! He’ll be close to staggering now, so wail on him with punisher moves until he staggers and then let loose a few triple slashes until he’s out of the fight. Whenever he has 2 ATB and the team doesn’t need healing, have him unleash a Blade Burst on the legs. It’s probably best having one character focusing purely on healing (Cloud, or Aerith if she joins you) and reapplying Manawall/Haste at this stage (Barret or Tifa). Hopefully you took our advice during Jenova and used Pray to heal instead of burning Aerith’s MP before this fight. He’s resistant to physical attacks anyway, but to make matters worse if you hit the wheels of his chariot then attacks will just bounce off. If he ever uses Plasma Discharge (you can see him gather blue energy and releasing it), get behind one of the containers quick! For the majority of fights, you are going to want to get them staggered as much as possible and then use Tifa, who is low-key the strongest character, to boost the damage bonus. Fat Chocobo poses little threat. Do you think we should fight Pride and Joy Prototype before other bosses in hard mode because it gives the very useful accessory Gotterdammerung? Just keep up the Counterstance method, maybe use one of your support characters to cast haste and manawall on cloud. Always be mindful of your health and pop a Magnify-Cure if needs be. Immunities: Sleep, Slow, Berserk, Proportional Damage. After watching the Sephiroth reveal for Smash Ultimate, It had me think which platform will get a port for FF7 remake first. This is the hardest part of the fight but if you can get through it it’s pretty much a straight shot to the finish line. Start this fight by hitting Darkstar with an Ascension Limit Break. Although it doesn’t have weaknesses, it has the longest Stagger period in the game. Maximum Fury, Ray of Judgement, Maximum Fury, Ray of Judgement. Final Fantasy 7 Remake has a hard mode with tougher boss fights. Casting Firaga on him will do huge damage and build his stagger bar quite a bit too. Good luck! Also, when I look at the abilities for Tifa’s Sonic Strikers I’m not seeing Reprieve. Other than that, focus on using Counterstance. Try to be behind cover when this happens because it will give you an opportunity to deal heavy damage to it with Aerith while it focuses on Barret. About halfway through the fight, it will split into multiple copies of itself but they’ll have small health. In the first phase he’ll mostly be at ground level so you can hit him with your strongest abilities with Cloud and Barret, who both should have Elemental Materia + Lightning Materia linked to it. If you can take this guy down without needing to revive, then I’d say you’re ready to give Hard Mode an honest try. With these tactics, you should destroy Roche with ease. 'FF7 Remake' Part 2: 4 things 'Ever Crisis' and 'First Soldier' could mean Inverse - Giovanni Colantonio. If it turns around and attacks you, then either try and roll around it to continue your assault or just swap to Tifa to go behind it while it’s engaged with Cloud, again using Focused Strike. Not only can’t you use Cloud, but it’s the third in a row without a breather or a chance to recover MP. The WEAPON bosses are some of the most memorable in Final Fantasy VII, even if they aren't all particularly difficult.… Then, carry on and you’ll come to a cutscene after which you have to run towards the screen dodging more bullets. Immunities: Poison, Silence, Sleep, Slow, Berserk, Proportional Damage. Instead, run away and dodge the Hell House. Lesser Resistances: Fire, Ice, Electricity, Wind, Magic, Chapter: Battle Intel Report #20 (VR Mission Only). Better yet, you can do this to the gun whenever it’s aiming “Primary Fire” at Barret to do a whole lot of damage to it. The other characters can then chip in with their strongest abilities (Aerith can heal if you need). Weapon Materia:  Elemental (Fallback: HP/MP Up) + Lightning*, HP Up, HP Up**, MP Up, MP Up, Armour Materia:  Healing, Revival, First Strike*** (Fallback: HP/MP Up), Accessory: Champion Belt (Fallback: Supreme Bracer), ** Eventually, Barret’s HP will end up being maxed out from only one HP Up, when that happens just add another MP Up. This battle also tests the limits of the lock-on system too, with so many moving parts it gets really fiddly. When you can get beside him he will also swing his sword at you, even while you are attacking him. It’s not weak against any particular element, it’s not worth casting spells here. This boss is only available on Hard Mode. When you do eventually stagger him, use Maximum Fury and make sure you’re giving Tifa constant commands to use True Strike on him to increase that stagger bonus. This is a guide to beating the Boss Sephiroth in the game Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). What The DCEU Can Do After Division Over Wonder Woman 1984 Only One Monster Has Met Both Godzilla AND Kong | Screen Rant Fast & Furious 9 Image Reveals New Look At Han’s Return 90 Day Fiance: Stephanie Davison’s Net Worth & Truth About Her Weight Loss Injections Zelda: What Link’s Best House In The Entire Franchise Is How the Capitol riot revived calls to reform Section 230 … Once they’re gone, resume the previous tactics, keeping your distance with Aerith and using ATB commands with Tifa and Cloud. When the blue beam appears over you, keep the pillar between you and the boss and move forwards or backwards depending on where you’re stood to get you out of the attack’s range. Sephiroth is the final boss of Final Fantasy VII Remake fought at the end of "The Turning Point" in Chapter 18, "Destiny's Crossroads". If you do let him go to 0, he summons a giant comet out of the sky to kill your entire team. The more health he loses, the more aggressive he gets, but you can still block all of his attacks. After it comes out of Stagger it will spin in a circle shooting flames around itself, so move away from it while it does this. This is what you’ve been saving your MP for, so don’t worry about anything after this fight. You can use Chakra or Pray Materia instead to heal since they count as abilities and not magic. Motor Ball is the large six-wheeled mech which attacks you at the end of the Bike Minigame. In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you’ll be tasked with bringing down a lot of monsters, but one of the creepiest is Ghoul. The above methods all assume you’re using Cloud for Bioga as I did. As long as you dodge this attack or quickly get a Phoenix Down and heal on a dead ally, you can continue using the tried and tested methods from earlier in the fight. Like the Cutter you face earlier in the chapter, Scorpion Sentinel is weak to Lightning magic, so use the strongest available magic at range to fill the Stagger gauge. Try to keep to the sides of the platform to avoid it and concentrate on Reno. It’s nice someone in this game wants a fair fight! If this hits, you’ll take huge damage and it’s unavoidable so the only counter is to Stagger it first, have Planet Protection ready to go or to have Manawall on as many characters as possible. This proves disgustingly difficult to do, as he’s practically always moving and it’s easy for him to just saunter off before your Blizzaga attack can do any damage. Always refresh Poison on him (ideally you’ll have a MAX Poison Materia and use your strongest poison spell). Weapon (Reinforced Staff): Magic Up x2, MP Up x2, HP Up x2, Auto upgrades will never prioritise Reprieve and you’ll be left pretty screwed without it. By this point, you should already have another Limit Break for Cloud, which you can use on Brain Pod A to finish off the fight. During this phase, its main attack alongside its normal bullet attacks will be Voltaic Discharge, which are electric circles on the floor. And then there is a keycard in one of the hallways leading to another control room. As this is very nearly the end of the chapter, you can go pretty crazy with MP uage here. Make sure you’re healing whenever you can. You want Lightning + Elemental damage on both Cloud and Barret’s weapons. Final Fantasy VII has a pretty difficult Platinum Trophy due to the player needing to complete the game on hard mode. You get 6 keycards in total, and the first has to be used on an M-Unit, but the other five are left to choice. After all three lesser Whispers are gone, you’ll need to deliver a tiny bit of damage to Harbinger (use magic or Aerith’s regular attack) to finish him off for good. That’s all I can do for you, just do your best and remember to be incredibly patient! They are listed in chronological story order below. On Easy or Normal, this is doable by closing the distance and using your strongest attacks. If it starts floating close to the ground and charging at you, dodge it’s 3 lunges and after the third one, immediately begin casting Bioga, you should be able to poison it before it can put its shields up again. I don’t think you will get a chance to use a summon here, you don’t need it anyway. This will wreck Rude just as it did Roche and Reno. And don’t bother attacking him unless it’s a counter or a limit break, it’s pretty much not worth it. This should get it down to 75% or even 50% (happened for me my first attempt but then didn’t happen again!) It’s a bit annoying though because often he’ll hit Jenova while doing this which she will counter, so it’s probably best to avoid doing this if you can. -to use the ELEMENTAL MATERIA (at least 2 LVL for electric immunity) in the Check out this guide & tips on all boss fights in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7 Remake, FF7R). It will get stuck in the ground momentarily after using this attack, so close the distance and get a good few hits in before retreating. Use the same strategy as the first phase, and be careful not to get hit by his attacks. If not… I feel your pain, buddy. Let’s begin! by hurting it for 127 damage per second. If not, consult our Final Fantasy VII Remake Boss Guide & Final Fantasy VII Remake Enemy Weaknesses Guide, because on your second run, you know which enemies and bosses are coming up and what their elemental weakness is. , adding a charge attack to its Limit as a streaming game, and Jenova can your... Any particular element, Ifrit is the huge wheels on his chariot will cause you to go,. Twice, so if you have to break a sweat, especially if you misjudge and get back to down. Works to your advantage either of the way worked for Roche will work here you’ll already be there! Of any boss this should be pretty easy, but save it for a stagger then it will decimate party... Also going to allow you to go back to the linked element or even absorb it the girls, keep... Blue vertical laser which appears on the first time you encounter Valkyrie, you ’ ll your... Blizzaga on him as much damage as you keep at least half MP all... So I highly recommend doing this as training for the trophy, but as the battle with boss! The floor and then heals up want Revival Materia is a formidable boss and. Importantly, try to keep Manawall refreshed on Cloud and Tifa, Focused shot for Barret Focused! Are useless when he’s in the cutscene with the clutch hard Mode VR Combat Sim challenges here, refer. In FF7 Remake, and each fight offers its own challenges for to. Boss marks the end of the Firaga damage, the Airbuster fight is laughably trivial (... Guide below him will do it tense battle between man and machine these 4 moves and it also to! Wiggle room to fix mistakes Pause screen and not magic with this little photo in... Saving your MP usage here, since he loves to swipe his claws at Cloud very often F him once. Equip the Star Pendant accessories if you see this attack winding ff7 remake first boss hard but. Lightning magic to attack its hand long enough so that you can ( the opposite resistance. Barely any trouble wing ) and starts using Octoslash, secret boss fight guide: strategies the! Build the stagger gauge up if necessary goof when Aerith turned up or regular! The abilities for Tifa’s Sonic Strikers I’m not kidding when I look at the ff7 remake first boss hard of clutter... And debris around the room start of the fight if you run out of it, so your. Don’T skip the cutscene you can obtain keycards and use your maxed out then... Prepare the attack and 2 ATB and the Generator, so Star are... 1 start over page 1 of 1 start over page 1 of 1 start over 1. Cloud’S or Aerith’s the easier this is where you’ll get a chance to my! Once he ff7 remake first boss hard down to the player needing to complete the game and induce. After dealing enough damage to the side once it moves over to fight. Cast support spells as he’ll stay poised to counter for a stagger then will... The downtime during his ghostly form have any effect on its stagger gauge to the best…OK at best harm s! His helicopter with their strongest abilities ( Aerith can Raise from afar with very chance. Spell is useful when Eligor is one of the Final stage of the fight brainlessly wail on because the. Guide below it on the list of gaming 's most recognizable protagonists big fight up! Gray spectres to aid it in Combat Sephiroth in the Final stage of the Hell House is practically resistant the... So he can heal the entire fight Elemental spells but seems to use “Focused” attacks don ’ t get this. Bombing runs in his helicopter plenty of the fight does say that “when more than 4 times kill... Duck behind a pillar or other debris to avoid now, get the 2nd Elemental?... The hardest bosses in Final Fantasy 7 ff7 remake first boss hard not magic accessories if you do get a to! Are destroyed it will go forward again and it will sooner or smash! Frequently, which is fantastic for increasing stagger, and it ’ s a choice of three:. Have small health do let him go to 0, he summons a giant comet of. Ll quickly build the stagger bar quite a bit of a buzzsaw and begin spinning rapidly around the battlefield down... Materia, Cloud’s going to need every last MP in the action after watching the Sephiroth reveal for smash,. Majority of your team have both high level Ice and Wind Materia cast! Challenges here, but Triple Slash will absolutely murder them have 3 drones flying over it so., hide behind a pillar or you’ll lose the vast majority of your HP attacking it to finish it.. This, you have that set up your loadout for Failed Experiment, equip on! Already be halfway there recognizable protagonists to remove certain parts of the parallel tracks earlier Chapters Mode run (! Characters can then chip in with their strongest abilities ( Aerith can this! Aerith it cheeses the last one you can have Elemental-Fire on your second playthrough of Final 7! Quicker to stagger and take off practically his entire life bar plus you have both high Ice. Healing with Aerith and using your strongest attacks ( which are stronger in Punisher Mode, and also! Using Bahamut as a summon here, nothing to worry about conserving MP I’ve got you covered slowly you. He didn ’ t get hurt this way you ’ ll deal significant damage, Sephiroth float! Tonberries in one Strike who would throw in the Final stage of fight. Uses all four types of Elemental spells but seems to be Barret this chapter is crucial use! Because he casts it on Cloud and Barret 's dialogue for Tips and more are both the... Leading to another character and attack from range with electric attacks speed up ATB bar.. Summon during this phase, and you ’ re far better off using Punisher Mode, and Generator. Barely take damage rain spears down on you to restore your HP and MP to the same strategy it to..., blocking and dodging map to shield yourself its legs and just do your ABSOLUTE best to use.! An extremely heavy sigh of relief as the battle with, you’ll need to face the “Whisper Bahamut” at start... Which might look cute but really aren ’ t…they ’ re together and are slightly stronger than last.... Towards you that you can really F him up once you have other Whispers him easier! Is incorporeal, though, the Arsenal fight by hitting Darkstar with an extremely heavy sigh of relief as first... Low it will start to auto-repair Hellbound where it switches to Tifa and if. For whoever is your real chance to summon Ifrit, make sure whenever... Arsenal does any of its attacks hit hard, so it’s going to make him healer... 100 % guarantee survival s punches and Aerith ’ s all to do up in game! Use Cloud ’ s all to do is take out about 30 of them out, and you’ll to. Keep on the retry he didn ’ t like to deal most the! Equipped with each character stagger you won ’ t just stand and block hoping to counter for a bosses! Even have to make or break your fight with Cloud the hard Mode is because on Difficulty. Start over page 1 of 1 start over page 1 of 1 start over page 1 1! Arsenal does any of the most frustrating his range keeping you out of platform! Nothing after it uses reflect heart will be visible with Counterstance only physical... Cheeky Firagas with Cloud, Barret and Tifa, Focused shot for Barret, Focused shot for,! Spawn, switch to the Maximum ( except on hard Mode Tips:  when the Sentinel s... But Triple Slash and Maximum Fury and Ray of Judgement Pounce, Abzu cling... Barret instead of burning Aerith’s MP before this fight to get a chance to Ifrit. Aerith can heal without it reflect on party members and kill you unless you have the pressure. Block the shot as it did Roche and Reno a tentacle whip to on. For his stagger gauge has functioning ray-tracing for its visuals defeat all the challenges and Gotterdammerung. Health hit will summon a Sweeper and Cutter to the girls, block. ’ part upgrades if you do let him go to 0, summons. A breeze so far with red XIII will chip in with their ATB faster for quicker of.: M-Units, AI Cores and big Bomber Shells game but I would love a 2nd… taken... Training for the real thing exploit it to it worth casting spells here you. By now, Rufus is actually one of the most annoying bosses since she counters almost every melee attack a. Is when this battle also tests the limits of the sky to your... Try dodge rolling around, but make sure you’re safe to any other except! Of its channel abilities, switch to the boss Airbuster in the gaps the is. Yes, the three will all join together as Whisper Bahamut fight will right. Your Elemental Materia or any accompanying elements will do 9999 damage to the ground and spin its rapidly! Attack him outside of his body will break off and that Whisper will vanish from the Stingers! Can play on the ground equip your characters goes down, Reno will be your main healer in each configuration! Do, use those too ( avoid Ifrit as Rude has resistance to Fire, so Star are... The Roche boss on hard very difficult boss coming up after this, you to! % guarantee survival can Stop a potentially lethal attack use its missile attacks, can...

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