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I have a peugeot 207 cc and remote on keys dont work have to. As with all modern vehicles the correct diagnostic equipment is crucial. This can manifest in a number of … Caymen Auto's managed to diagnose AND repair the problem all in the same day! He managed to fix it within a few hours and the cost was more than half of BMW! When water lands on your cabriolet, it is directed down channels to drains where it is dumped onto the road surface. Outstanding customer service from Adam, Jenny and the team. By properly maintaining the folding roof on your cabriolet, you can avoid expensive repair bills and the inconvenience of bringing your car in for an extensive repair. Fully close the roof by pulling the roof forward with hands – each person to move the roof panel forward towards the windscreen. Have had to wait a couple of months for a downpour to check the seals for leaks - all fine, of course. Quite a way to travel, but well worth it as these guys are THE specialists. Succeeded in fixing my roof where others failed. I have water in my convertible roof – is this the cause of roof failure? Peugeot 207cc has its faults with the roof system, cost effective cabriolet and soft top roof repairs, Guide to Audi A4/S4/RS4 Convertible Roof Problems, Guide to Astra Twin Top Convertible Roof Problems, How To Sanitise and Clean Your Car – Stop the Spread of Bacteria and Viruses, How to fix the water leaks on Mercedes SLK R172 Vario roof system, Guide to Common Bentley Continental Convertible GTC Roof Problems, How To Prevent and Reduce VW Eos Convertible Roof Water Leaks, How To Look After Your Soft Top In Winter, Aston Martin Vantage Roadster Roof Repairs, Jaguar F-Type Convertible Soft Top and Convertible Roof Repairs, Jaguar XK Range Soft Top and Convertible Roof Repairs, Jaguar XK8 Range Soft Top and Convertible Roof Repairs, Jaguar XKR Range Soft Top and Convertible Roof Repairs. Total professionalism and efficiency. We would always recommend that whilst there is a manual procedure for closing a roof system on a hardtop convertible roof, the experts deal with this on a regular basis and can take the stress and risk of harm to yourself, the vehicle’s roof system or perhaps your relationship with the helper assisting closure. By keeping these seals clean of these materials, you will extend their lifespan and greatly reduce the risk of a leak developing. This is a simple job once you’ve found the correct case, and there are over twenty varieties! If the problem is gone with the door open or you change it by wiggling then the wores have cracked and need fixing, peugeot used to sell a harness part. This makes perfect sense. good luck, Peugeot make nice stylish cars, but the keys and locks can be a real pain. Within a few hours they diagnosed the fault and had a plan in place to fix it for a 3rd of the price! The reception is a bit unnerving. Read on. I will be spreading the word and I know where to come in the future :). Having a problem with your Peugeot 207? Simply the best company to work on your Convertible . Call us now. You will need and we use Peugeot Planet or Autologic and can generally find the fault with your roof system within an hour. At Cayman Autos we have a high level of customer service and turnaround for quick, efficient and cost effective cabriolet and soft top roof repairs. Highest praise. That small component is used to start your car when it is stopped and recharges battery of your Peugeot 207 once you drive. Please see: How to Dry a Damp Car After a Water Leak. This is a 2 person job to get the roof closed and secure. However, this chip was utterly reliable. In a perfect world, you’d replace all the locks, and these would come with new key blades. Instead of an actual chip, (the ones that never go wrong), they placed a series of electronic components on a circuit board. By continuing to use our site, you consent to the use of cookies. Would 100% recommend!! Win £50 every month by answering problems Are you a mechanic or handy with car repairs? I would definetly recommend Cayman Auto. What does this mean? The Peugeot 207 Coupe Cabriolet was the best selling model for Peugeot and was produced between 2006 and 2012. This can lead to corrosion and water ingress. The most common cause of drain blockages is road muck and tree litter. Eventually it drops off and a new key is needed. No good news here. Three technicians and eight months later my BMW E46 roof with still not working. The trouble began around 2004. BMW These people are experts and knowledgable regarding any convertible roof problems, the go-to place to fix a convertible roof, lucy who i spoke to was extremely helpful and informative, well done. Main dealers and other garages, with little expertise in this area will charge by the hour and often take longer due to their lack of expertise in this field costing the cabriolet owner for their time and inefficient due to their lack of convertible roof knowledge. By the time we normally see the key, it’s past repair. I was amazed and very thankful as this was something I did not request but took a weight off me to get it done. Just remember: a vehicle will always require air, fuel, and … These codes show the technician which items are not communicating with each other rather than identifying the correct repair required. Quick, knowledgeable, efficient, a pleasure to deal with. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!! Hi guys, I've had my Peugeot 207 for … Unfortunately, your vehicle’s seals will gradually accumulate grime and deteriorate, which can cause them to become unbonded from the paintwork. Win £50 every month by answering problems Are you a mechanic or handy with car repairs? Fantastic!!! Then the key stops going into the lock at all. We specialise in Convertible Roof Repairs and have customers from across the UK and Internationally. I cannot tell you how much of a nice guy Adam is and how amazing Cayman Autos are! Water ingress is a common problem across all convertible roof systems. Release the lever on the boot hinge on both sides. The correct diagnosis for your Cabriolet fault is paramount and can save customers time and money on unproductive and ineffective repairs. All this, sometimes after 3-4 years of use. Absolutely incredible service! Customers have to spend extra money on something that should have a much longer life. Fingers crossed and if it does not I will return and get the front seal and roof done. If cabriolet owners are finding they are regularly topping hydraulic fluid to the system, this indicates there is a fluid loss within the system. They carried out the work as agreed no extra costs. Still sitting inside the vehicle, lower the roof into place and turn the allen key anticlockwise to lock into place. I left my car with Cayman Autos and a couple of days later I was told the problem was an electric contact and it had been replaced. The personal touch was also great! Lift carpets to check boot wells where the spare tyre is kept to look for signs of water, rust and calcium deposits. Diagnosed the problem with the roof on our BMW 4 series convertible and explained remedy including price. The last thing I’d imagine having to do is to buy brand new car keys. But then it happens again, then twice a month, and before you know it you’re sat on your drive with ‘Immobiliser fault’ on the dashboard. Car was completed in time and works perfectly. Superb service, don't waste your time going to other garages for convertible roof problems! The best way to avoid the lock problems later, is to keep a good working button key, rather than put the key in the door. They all look similar but only the correct one will work on your car. Thank you. Staff are very friendly. Was recommended to take my car there by a mate. Within 2 days my roof was working and the rear window was rebonded which I was told couldn't be done by the local guy. Cayman Autos is the leading folding roof specialist in the UK. You may find it will work sometimes, but it will gradually get worse and eventually fail. This is very common on door locks of Peugeot Partners, 107’s and 407’s and alot of the Citroen range. Beetle_Crazy. If you try and swap the key blade from one key to the next you may have further Peugeot car key problems, and this is covered in the article. Please rate my help a 3 to 5. " With assistance place a person on each side of the vehicle and gently raise the boot lid – it is important this is done slowly. A great small cabriolet, praised for its value, safety and styling, replacing its predecessor the Peugeot 206cc – the first car available with a metal folding roof system. How do I close my Peugeot 207 Hard Top Folding Roof Manually? Alan W. I was dealt with by the owners Jenny & Adam who carefully explained CLK's have an issue whereby when the front seal starts to deteriorate, rain builds up and runs into the gutter area above the windows passenger and driver where it can leak from. Great knowledge and very helpful. But this is an easy fix, so don’t suffer too long, other with the blade may get lost altogether! Office hours: 8.30am – 5.30pm. Would throughly recommend from JK Cars Cabriolet Specialists. But will a fresh blade solve your Peugeot car key problems? I have no hesitation in recommnending Cayman Autos. BMW Z4 Convertible E85 – Top reasons why the folding roof system does not work, Very efficient. Tell us about your 207 problem. Click here read our guide on choosing the correct case. For Peugeot 207 CC GT models that were powered by 1.6-litre 'Prince' EP6DT engines, the plastic thermostat housing could become brittle over time and develop hairline cracks that allowed coolant to … However, if the buttons still work, great news. Dave, Job on Audi A4 convertible completed quickly. Due to go Cornwall the next day, so Cayman slotted me in for an early appointment the day before at short notice. Do I need diagnostic equipment to fix my Peugeot 207cc roof issues? Problem with my BMW series 4 roof only after one week of ownership! Having a problem with your Peugeot 207? The 2008 Peugeot 207CC has the most overall complaints, & we also rate 2008 as the worst model year ranked on several factors such as repair cost & average mileage when problems occur. Excellent service, sorted out the rattle on my volvo c70 roof in no time and even offered to pick me up from the town centre when it was done. The Peugeot 207cc has many steps to getting the cabriolet roof closed and hopefully this will help describe each step as best we can when the roof is stuck in the fully open position; Sometimes we find that cabriolet owners after a fairly complex closure procedure need to check to see if the roof will get stuck open again – an unwise approach- much safer to let the experts diagnose the original fault. The roof, boot and windows are all connected and need to work in sequence for a smooth operation. We recommend a lubricant called Krytox. You will need a Phillips screwdriver to remove the plastic trim at the back of the boot held on with 2 screws – remove these screws and trim. Excellent service, problem solved and memorable hand off experience. Within a few hours they diagnosed the fault and had a plan in place to fix it for a 3rd of the price! 100% recommended. However, a blade copied from your old key will follow the same pattern of wear and will not give you a true shape. Customers often mistakenly apply a lubricant before ensuring that their seals are clean and dry. The wear and tear that car keys suffer from is the main reason for the Peugeot car key problems we’re seeing today. This was first seen in the Renault Laguna key cards and we all know how much trouble they’ve been. By far, the best service I have ever encountered in my life. didn't really know the problem. Unfortunately, because of how the key is manufactured, a completely new case is needed. Also. Before you spend any money, it’s important that you are sure that the key is faulty. However, in 2004, a new type of key was introduced to the range. Highly recommended. An elite standard of work at a top price you are willing to pay. Nonetheless they are absolute experts. I wasn't charged any extra money and in my view Adam's persistance saved the day. Brilliant at sorting out cabriolet roof problems when main dealerships fail! If you need advice about your folding roof please contact us. A key cut to code is cut on an expensive machine, controlled by a computer that moves the blade precisely as the blade was when brand new in the factory. News & Updates. To cut a long story short, I had to take my car back to caymans 3 times and they tried to fix the issue but it was on the final occasion in late August, the problem which I was told was a wiring fault was finally resolved by Adam who I must say is an asset to his company. As with any hydraulic equipment it is important to check the oil level regularly in order to ensure the system will operate correctly. Once you start to get the message ‘anti-theft fault’ or ‘immobiliser active’, then it’s the beginning if the end for the key. When this happens, the seals will need to be cleaned and rebonded onto to the vehicle. In the boot of your Cabriolet, there is a luggage net that divides space between your luggage and the space the roof folds into. The vehicle in question was a Peugeot 207 (et3j4kfu 1360cc) which had come from a well-respected Peugeot main dealership. The complex roof system is made up of a series of hydraulics, wiring, sensors and motors and roof control unit. How To Find a local Car Key Man Auto Locksmith. How to tackle water ingress for a Peugeot 207cc Cabriolet owner, Common Causes of Water Leaks to Convertible Roof Systems. Thanks Cayman Autos! Very, very pleased. Click here to read our guide to buying car keys on-line. ... Hi, in June this year my Peugeot 207 had a problem with a stiff steering wheel and the … Around since 2007, the now-ageing 207CC may not have a successor based on the new 208. In the following overview, you will find the most common problems for the Peugeot 207, for which Peugeot has announced a recall through the EU Rapex system. I paid £170 and drove off, only to find that the problem still persisted and the hood only worked occasionally. The switches under the buttons are missing or damaged. Many thanks to Cayman Auto's for solving our problem - top notch business!!!! No hesitation in recommending their service. Thank you guys! A common fault is blocked drains and also dirty seals. Back in March 2019 the roof of my BMW Z4 failed. where one suggestion is that a design fault causes a … My VW Eos had been written off as a category N because of damage to the roof mechanism alone. Due to go Cornwall the next day, so Cayman slotted me in for an early appointment the day before at short notice. Your email address will not be published. So you get home to find the roof on the Alfa wont work, panic, make contact with Cayman, and no worries. These are difficult times at the moment and this company could not have done more to make you feel safe and confident in their service. Office Hours: 8.30am – 5.30pm Commonly, as soon as the key is more than a few years old, the internal plastic assembly cracks and a key blade wobble starts. I went back to Adam so he can have a look. If you are not satisfied please don't rate." If you require some assistance from the team at Cayman Autos, Contact us today on 01737 761599 or visit us at 51 ORMSIDE WAY, REDHILL, SURREY, RH1 2LG. Of course a sensor may have failed, however to give an accurate quote we need to identify which sensor has failed – there are many sensors that communicate with each other in the roof system and depending on the particular sensor and location will reflect the price. There’s a big difference between buying a key cut to code, and one that is copied from an old worn out key (which just gives you a new worn out key). Main dealers these days mainly only do services. With Peugeot keys there are around twenty varieties. Error code telling my roof is not locked, with constant warning beep! Required fields are marked *, Using a 6mm allen key insert into the hexagonal cross section on the hydraulic pump casing and then anticlockwise turn the key to release the hydraulic pressure. The technician explained everything about my repair on collection. Your first call would be to seek professional help. We look forward to helping you with all of your Cabriolet Roof Faults. If i could give more than 5 stars i would! Need an MOT … The Peugeot 207 CC is a rival to the MINI Convertible and Fiat 500C, but is unique in the convertible supermini class in having a folding hard-top, rather than a fabric roof. When all these tiny, delicate components worked correctly, they generated a chip signal. This is great when brand new. We’d recommend a key cut to code every time. Problem: The 207 is known for having a lot of electrical problems. This can be very frustrating for owners – a security risk and when the UK’s wet weather hits us rather impractical! What I mean is that when the buttons wear out, the key then is used in the lock, and this ears quickly and gets jammed. Get the best deals on Alternators & Generators for Peugeot 207 when you shop the largest online selection at Some sensors are tricky to access and require hours of stripping the vehicle out to get to. I opted to get the seal only done as this was also broken. The Peugeot 207CC is a chic drop-top version of the now-discontinued 207 city car. Monday 14th November 2011. Peugeot 207 SW gear problems. So professional and great at what they do. You simply need a new key. Again, you simply need a new case and you just need to treat it as if you have a wobbly blade, above. But thanks to Cayman, it got FIXED within six hours. Rather than buy your own case on eBay, we recommend visiting a local Car Key Man Auto Locksmith, and let an expert fit the correct case, change the battery and cut the blade. Problem with my BMW series 4 roof only after one week of ownership! This is what stops cars starting, and it’s all because of a new type of chip design that was introduced. You-Tube movies about Peugeot 206CC & 207CC We hope this has helped. We often see vehicles with neglected seals in the workshop. Works a treat. Over time leaks within the coolant system can affect the electrical systems. You may possibly have left over lights on or various other electronic … Within 2 days my roof was working and the rear window was rebonded which I was told couldn't be done by the local guy. Once the boot is opened remove the carpet and taker out the spare wheel. Error code telling my roof is not locked, with constant warning beep! Remember to replace the blanking plug, Remove the screwdriver from the boot mechanism as currently the boot is still vertical. It is important not to overload this space and keep within the restricted limits. Within 2 hours he called me and told me the car was fixed at no charge as a gesture of good will as i supplied my own micro switch to fix it. It can cause water to build up in the vehicle’s channels, particularly after heavy rainfall. Very helpful bunch of people who diagnosed and fixed a wiring issue with my Aston roof. However, when you’re sure it is the key, you’ll start to read various fairy-tale of how to fix the problem. By David On Dec 17, 2017. Update: 27.10.2020 Unlock the boot with the middle button on your key fob. When you choose where to buy this key watch out. The reception is a bit unnerving. This is one of the major Peugeot car key problems. Perhaps optimistic to ask here, but lots of info if you Google. Non the less they are absolute experts. eBay; eBay Motors; Parts & Accessories ... Alternator For PEUGEOT CITROEN 207 Cc …

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