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Though it makes a good amount of sense to pair Wilcox with Argentine Peak and Square Top Mountain, accessing Wilcox from the Naylor Lake Road near Guanella Pass brings the chance for a scenic circuit hike that takes you by three beautiful high alpine lakes with plenty of summer wildflowers. I went alone, but much better with company, at least to feel safer. There was a mild, short exposure very close to the summit but very manageable. Wilcox Pass Trail – Jasper National Park. If you continue on #381 a little farther, you'll come to a gate and Private Property warnings. Columbia Icefield via Hike to Toe of Athabasca Glacier. Once you've had a nice rest at the summit, take the time to finish our suggested circuit hike by heading WSW along the ridge that heads over to Argentine Peak. The Guanella Pass CG has 17 sites, water and vault toilets. Wilcox is chiefly hiked in the summer or in late spring as a snow climb. This loop hike will take you above the timberline, on a Thirteener and a 12,000-foot peak. All rights reserved. You’re out of the trees for nearly 90% of the hike, so be sure to wear sunscreen! The primary trail network creates large loops and connects nearby communities via trail and town road, while retaining a large forest interior (greater than 26,000 acres) that does not contain formal trails. Due to the proximity to Columbia Icefield, its summit guarantees fantastic views on a clear day. We had a hard time finding a defined “trail” to the summit at first, but it looks like there are a few different routes that people have taken. There is an elevation gain of over 1300 feet. There are over five miles of marked hiking trails on the 3254 foot mountain. EASY 2.4 mi. The trail is at the east end of the lake. Sunny but still a bit of snow near the top. With hot summer days and cool nights, the weather is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast. Although Mount Wilcox is a modest peak in terms of elevation compared to many of the peaks that surround it, its location and summit views make it a true gem of a scramble. Appalachian Trail runs 2175 miles, stretching from Georgia to Maine. There is over 80 miles of marked hiking trails available to explore. There are three popular trail areas in Mountain Lakes: Tourne County Park/Richard M. Wilcox Park in the Tourne area to the west, Halsey Frederick Park between the MLHS tennis courts and the YMCA, and the Maple Way Woodlands east of the railroad tracks. We followed one party that crossed the wall. There are two routes that lead to the summit - one goes to the very ridge and turn off to that route seems to be to the left and up from the built barricade / wall. A big thanks to all who have made it possible to continue this website! There were many cairns indicating the route and scrambling / climbing out there was absolutely fine and safe as rocks and slabs were VERY solid, just a few we encountered moved. Mount Wilcox is most easily accessed via a very popular Silver Dollar Lake Trail. When you reach 12,860 ft. along the ridge where it begins to level out some, drop south a few hundred feet to cross one drainage, contour your way around a minor ridge and then drop down to Murray Lake. Definitely getting to the summit is not for people afraid of highs. There are also a few primitive sites as you drive up the Naylor Lake road. Wilcox Pass hike Map Looking for an amazing hiking adventure? I actually don’t think we summited... the trail kind of disappeared into a snow field that looked pretty treacherous after the first rocky peak. Mount Wilcox from Argentine Peak Argentine Peak from Mount Wilcox Grays Peak, Torreys Peak, and Mount Edwards Square Top Mountain Gray Wolf Mountain/Mount Spalding/Mount Evans/Mount Bierstadt Summit Photo (Mount Wilcox) Dan and Carrie approaching the summit of Mount Wilcox. Everywhere you turn there was a gorgeous view of the ice fields! An excellent hike...enjoy! The Wilcox Pass hike offers hikers easy access to alpine meadows as well as incredible views of the peaks and glaciers on the eastern edge of the Columbia Icefield. There are many spectacular views from the open areas on the mountain, making this a very popular hike. Would definitely do again. General information on hikingincludes how-to and safety tips and links to rules and regulations. Turn right onto Rose St. and head south into the main part of town. In 2003, we were able to complete this circuit hike in under four hours. The effort to reward ratio is phenomenal. Wilcox Pass is considered by many to be one of the best day hikes in Jasper National Park. While hiking the Appalachian Trail in Massachusetts, I took shelter on Mount Wilcox from a driving rainstorm. Of the vast trail way, 90 miles is home to Massachusetts. The trial is fairly well noticeable as you accent up, the last 100m is where the trail disappears. No bugs when we went. When I intersected with Mount Wilcox road the second time, I decided to walk up to the summit. The hike across the Wilcox Pass meadows was extremely pleasant with the fall colors in full force and the spectacular views towards the Columbia Icefields combined with a very warm, windless day. Easily one of my favourite hikes in this area! Easy hike up to the top of the ridge, followed by some seriously moderate scrambling. However, we had an awesome time and the views were incredible. The trail is primarily used for hiking and nature trips and is best used from May until October. From the suggested parking area which serves as the trailhead for Silver Dollar Lake, walk west up the road until you encounter the gate that marks the beginning of the private property. It was steep-ish at the beginning, but levelled out after about 45 minutes to an hour of hiking at a moderate pace. In about 400 feet of elevation gain, you will break out of the forest. Recommended for good weather days and for those comfortable and experienced with hands-on scrambling. By doing this as we suggest, it will get you to the summit of Wilcox faster and once there, you can decide if you need to hurry back by just turning around or if you have time to enjoy a pleasant stroll back that will take you by two pristine and scenic lakes. It passes by another pond before it reaches its end at Beartown State Forest Road. Wilcox Pass trail is a moderately challenging, yet immensely rewarding, family hike just off the Icefields Parkway between Banff and Jasper National Parks in Western Canada. Mount Wilco… Mount Wilcox, Argentine Peak and Square Top Mountain is a 4.8 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Georgetown, Colorado that features a lake and is rated as difficult. Highly recommended! This hike should only be done early in the day and in good weather. Mt. 12 , Alberta, Canada that offers the chance to see wildlife and is rated as difficult. Wilcox Peak wasn’t on my plan until Andrea and I changed our primary objective from Cirrus Mountain to … Whether you enjoy challenging or simple hikes, we invite you to explore our desert beauty. Freetown – Fall River State Forest, MA. Wilcox offers yet another easy Class 2 hike that is readily accessible from two different trailheads. If you find yourself heading into a lot of willows, skirt west along the edge of the forest until you get past the willows and then begin making a steeper ascent for the next 400 vertical feet, and then veer right to gain the very broad east ridge of Wilcox. Because you stay climbers-right of the ridge, you are well protected from wind for almost the entirety of the hike. Land Manager: MA DCR - … Site migration is now complete. On the east side of the highway, there's a large parking area for day-use and a smaller parking area as you turn right onto the Naylor Lake road #381. In Scrambles of the Canadian Rockies, Alan Kane gives Mount Wilcox the enticing endorsement of offering “possibly the best view in the entire Rockies for the energy expended.” From Mount Wilcox, one can see Mount Athabasca, Mount Andromeda, Mount Kitchener, Nigel Peak, and the ever-famous Athabasca Glacier. Continue all the way to 2nd St. where you'll turn left and will be on SH 381. Mount Wilcox is most easily accessed via a very popular Silver Dollar Lake Trail. Links to other information, routes & trip reports for this peak that may be helpful. I have been to the Wilcox area about four other times, but multiple peaks sometimes don’t work. Be the first to submit your climbing note! Hiking the Wilcox pass rewards you will stunning views of the mountains surrounding you, valleys and great views of glaciers. Completed 2020-08-15. Mt. There is no view point but several cell towers. Since the trail came highly recommended and we didn’t have much time to spend in Jasper, this was the only hike we did in the park…and we couldn’t be happier with our choice of trail. Wilcox Pass is a stunning 8 km hike in Jasper National Park. Crane Mountain is in the Central Adirondacks in Wilcox Lake Wild Forest near Wevertown in Warren County. We eventually found a good route to ascend the mountain. Easy going almost all tundra terrain and not too steep an ascent angle make this a good one to break them in on. Drive up the road to the west. Willcox is the gateway and home of many hiking trails. Why Hike Wilcox Ridge This hike features fantastic, birds-eye-views of the glaciers and peaks around the Columbia Icefield Visitor Center with only a moderate effort. Total time to complete this hike round trip was about 5 hours with lots of breaks for photos and lunch! Mount Wilcox Climbing Notes. After scrambling up Nigel Peak we headed for Mount Wilcox. Ross Mountain is another trail-less peak located north of Garnet Lake in a quiet little corner of the Wilcox Lake Wild Forest. Make a right turn and head into the generally open forest with a NW direction. Downclimbing from the summit and going back same via route was very pleasant as well and we did not feel exposed or unsafe at any point on the rocks, dirt was our most worry but there were not many spots where you would feel like you were gonna slide to your death. Fantastic scramble and fantastic weather and views. Follow the wide open ridge to the summit where you'll enjoy a great view of the three lakes to the south and the Leavenworth Creek valley to the north with the multitude of roads that lead to various mining claims and Argentine Pass. Proceed 1/4 of the way through the circle and exit south onto Argentine St. Drive south on Argentine then turn left onto 11th St. Mount Wilcox and Otter Mountain Trail is a 6.8 mile hike in Arapaho National Forest that will take about 8 hours to complete with Fido. Such variety of scenery and lots of lookout points. FSTopo 2016 map shows approaches and routes for 13ers located up the Leavenworth Creek drainage south of Georgetown. Easy trail for majority of the hike but turns into a fun moderate scramble (on good solid rock) with some exposure during the last 500m to the summit. There are many beautiful hikes in the Canadian Rockies, especially along the Icefields Parkway. The ridge changes over to mostly rubble with interspersed tundra, but there are no challenges. Please submit any useful information about climbing Mount Wilcox that may be useful to other climbers. The trail starts near the Wilcox campground and is moderately trafficked with hikers going to Wilcox Pass. Great views for almost the entire duration of the hike. You have to scramble. The views from the summit are incredibly panoramic and beautiful. EASY 1.2 mi. And also, it's risky if you don't have some skills. There is also the Clear Lake CG just south of Lower Cabin Creek Reservoir. In the meantime, please verify all stated mileages and elevations against a map before proceeding with any route. Wilcox offers yet another easy Class 2 hike that is readily accessible from two different trailheads. MODERATE 5.1 mi. There are 92 miles of trails on the property. The trail is primarily used for hiking and nature trips and is best used from May until October. Cataract and Cline Pass and Maligne Pass Route. It is windy and cold though so bring a light jacket! Naylor Lake is on Private Property. The trailhead parking for Silver Dollar Lake will come in just over .6 mile. Get tips and advice for exploring this Jasper hiking trail. The broad slope offers various possibilities. We continued passed Wilcox Pass to reach the summit. The trail to the lookout is well marked, and you can see the trail start up the mountain. It takes about 10 minutes to get out of the trees and you’re met with fantastic views of the Athabasca Glacier. The trail is extremely well maintained until Wilcox Lookout. Icefield Centre Loop via Boundary Peak Route. Length … This is the Guanella Pass Road. It passes through sections of willows numerous times and a few rock piles before finally re-entering forest for the last .7 mile back to the trailhead parking area. For a little effort, you’ll be rewarded with unique views of Athabasca Glacier and Snow Dome Glacier as you pass the bighorn sheep who frequent the area. I wouldn't say anything about the hike was very sketchy, but we didn't make it to the peak either so I can't speak on that. The camground is located on both side of the highway and requires a fee. Mount Wilcox is a 7.9 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Improvement District No. Hike to Toe of Athabasca Glacier. We are working quickly to resolve this issue. The last part is narrow, and not marked so you have to find your path through the rocks, and if you don't get the right one it can be dangerous. It's not super heavily trafficked which made me a little uncomfortable at times because I prefer more people to be around, but we also started our hike at about 4 pm, so that may be why! The route we offer here will be a reverse of how we actually did this hike in 2003. Columbia Icefield via Wilcox Pass Trail. The trail descends down to Mount Wilcox Road and follows it left for a short ways. You will definitely want to bring along a topographical map. Mount Wilcox. The 124,643 acre Wilcox Lake Wild Forest is located in the southeastern part of the Central Adirondacks and features the popular hikes of Crane Mountain plus Hadley Mountain. From I-70, take the Georgetown Exit 228 and drive east on 15th St. to a traffic circle. 12, Alberta, Canada that offers the chance to see wildlife and is rated as difficult. MODERATE 3.2 mi. 9. The Mount Wilcox trail does not a vista point but it is an easy trail to hike through lovely forest. We spotted some massive mountain sheep along the way. Out of an abundance of caution, Appalachian Trail shelters, campsites, and privies within the Massachusetts state parks system are closed for the 2020 hiking season. Do not attempt to drive in. Hiking info, trail maps, and 13 trip reports from Mount Wilcox (2,106 ft) in Massachusetts 7. Follow it south several miles past the Guanella Pass Campground to a sharp curve in the road. Overall, it was beautiful! Since access can be had from either Leavenworth Gulch or Silver Dollar Lake, this is an easy peak to get in the winter season. The trail can be faint but you'll find your way, just stick to the base of Mount Wilcox on the left.In the 1950's Wilcox Pass, among other areas of Jasper National Park, were used for the shooting of The Far Country starring James Stewart. Please note that we've identified some data discrepancies regarding mileages and elevations, especially on peaks that utilizes approaches and sequenced routes to complete a 'circuit' of peaks. This hike is a must-do when you’re on the Icefields Parkway, and a great trail to enjoy the Athabasca Glacier for free. © 2021 The Climbing Cooneys. If done as an out and back, this peak makes an excellent family outing that could include some of the youngest ones, as in pre-elementary to early elementary age (5 - 7 years old). Mount Wilcox has been on my list for some time now. The scramble was fairly easy and we did not encounter any sketchy parts as the rocks are stable and not loose. The Clear Lake CG has 8 sites, drinking water and vault toilet. Amazing views, and great challenge. Little scramble the last 100m or so. I have gridded the area from I-70 to the north covering all the major peaks along the corridor to Geneva Mountain to the south. WILCOX PASS HIKE The trail starts at a small parking lot right off the Icefields Parkway in the elevation of 2040 meters. As usual for Front Range camping, expect these to be occupied to the full on weekends. It was a waste of time. Spectacular views of the glaciers and valleys around. The trail provides a continuous green pathway through a chain of mountains and hills. Wilcox combines an excellent approach trail with an enjoyable ridgewalk up the first two/thirds of its southern flank, and then, for those comfortable with a little exposure, an engaging scrambling section to spice things up a bit on the way to the summit. 5. I would do this hike again in a heartbeat! This trail is open year-round from the 2wd trailhead off Guanella Pass, but if you have an appropriate vehicle (and the snow is melted) you can drive another 0.7 miles to the upper trailhead. We hiked to the lookout first, then up Mount Wilcox. No snow left! Mt. 6. From desert animals to … This trail is open year-round from the 2wd trailhead off Guanella Pass, but if you have an appropriate vehicle (and the snow is melted) you can drive another 0.7 miles to the upper trailhead. The views were stunning and there was snow starting at Wilcox Pass and beyond in July as well as muddy portions and creeks to maneuver over. It passes by a cellerhole (on the left), then a small cemetery with marble posts. Wilcox Pass is 4 kilometers one way moderately difficult hike with elevation gain less than 200 meters. Amazing views! Consider things such as access and accommodation at the base of Mount Wilcox, as … As we hiked up the trail to Wilcox Pass, we looked for a place to start our ascent. Ross Mountain(Wilcox Lake Wild Forest-Adirondacks) Headed north Monday to the hike 2687 foot Ross Mountain in the southern Adirondacks on a perfect fall day. Go ahead and park here if you have not already parked back at the two spots by the highway. Mt. Views from the summit were spectacular, and the pass is a great place to hang out. The continue following the trail as it heads generally east. Easy hike to the base of Mount Wilcox / Wilcox Peak then a bit of a slog thru scree. Not sure why someone had built that wall that at the first thought it was an indication to not cross it. We ventured off a little, I thankfully had poles to help me with support! Parts of the trail are little more difficult than others but on the whole it's not a hard hike. Wilcox Peak is one of the very short, but yet, very scenic scrambles along the Icefield Parkway. 8. This route is also accessible to passenger vehicles unlike the Leavenworth Creek access. It was windy while up at the top, but nice view of the glacier and valley on each side. I think this is the best hike I've done thus far! Nearby communities include Stony Creek, Thurman, Bakers Mills, Day, Wells, Hope Falls, and Northville.

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