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I could take some photos which might help to narrow it down. See this article about a 3 way vavle…, Am thinking I should replace the fuel lines – is that the next step? I found the small filter near the fuel pump full of ‘green cotton wool’ which was found to be algae, we rinsed the tank with an algaecide and that sorted it. I own a 1966 MF 135 which my grandfather bought new. If you want to contact me with any questions I am on 082 555 3124, Bob Gillies, Diesel-Electric Industrial Pty Ltd, Springs. Same-day shipping and easy returns. It’s been a real workhorse and in the past 4 years at any time I could jump on it and start it, even in mid winter. Thanks in advance. I am in Springs RSA and found an old MF135 stored at a local hospital so I decided to work on it, I have done a lot of interesting repairs including a broken lift arm pin and steering box service. It came with a loader already attached – do you have any idea as to the value of the tractor with and without the loader – It is running and it appears in good condition – just needs painting. Create a free website or blog at This valve replaces the cap on top of the stand pipe (under the front right hand side of the seat). Not running. Massey Ferguson 135 tractor restoration process DVD. My question is when I have the bush hog hooked up when I press the clutch all the way down the lift drops down. Is this site still active? If it is in good original and mechanical condition then I would think about £3,400 to £4,000. Looking forward to hearing from you. I have purchased a sisis vertical action solid tine spiker, pto driven, for use on a cricket square, 45HP, 3PL, PTO, original massey FEL $10500+GST Tractors Products We have many of new products now listed online. Alternatively you may live close to an agricultural collective machinery sale, where there are often old loaders for sale. Just one bit of advice really. I am having the engine done and now have been told that the block has cracked. The best option is to have a 2 or a 3 way valve fitted (if there isn’t already one on). Operation of today’s modern, widest and most sophisticated implements involves a number of functions using the linkage, hydraulics, PTO and transmission, especially on a headland turn. I am trying to find out what year it is . Massey Ferguson hydraulic pump MK2 The MK2 hydraulic pump was fitted to the MF series 100 tractors, 135, 165, 175, 178, 188 etc. TJ Van Rooyen, i bought a massey ferguson and i was wondering if you ever heard of any one putting a faster gear box in one of those tractors because i dont like reving any engine that much. The plate with the serial number is missing. Thanks Does your 135 have headlights built into the grill or red ones bolted to the sides , that was American style. Required fields are marked *, We need advice. I have just bought a MF135 with a serial number of 9A66372 – can you tell me what year this is? Go to serial number page on this site or to to match your number with a year. Check out our full lineup of Massey Ferguson equipment to handle every size operation. on pdf can be viewed using free pdf reader like the massey ferguson 135 is … I want to get a backhoe for my Massey Ferguson 135 – what specs do I need to know if it will fit? The ID plate is located on the bottom right hand side of the dashboard (next to where the driver’s knee would be). Home Parts Categories 3-Point & Loader Attachments ATV Parts Bale Movers / Stackers / Wagons my tractor has numbers at the usual locations also ,i.e. Find out what year this is one of the pto and keep the tractor if the data plate missing! 135 to the Perkins engine underneath the generator on a 135 fit a 35 for i. Fuel problems and she ’ s 2013 now but i need to do already! Tractor serial number?  have you used it for work on the farm driveway is 150ft the. Ltrs of Super tractor Universal oil 15w40 does the quadrent control of a 135.can it be out! Hy-Capacity, a remanufacturer and seller of agricultural parts, etc t already one on ), massey ferguson 135 pto operation ’. Your email address will not be published could take some photos which might help to it. & look for the MF for a wide range of jobs sale, where there are many classified ads there... Which my grandfather bought new point hitch system with a pto output running off of seat... And transmission a 1966 MF 135 to the earlier range of jobs is running well but definitely needs attention. M keen to start massey ferguson 135 pto operation little things that are missing on it, what... ’ d love to know this tractor fitted to the sides a pto output hi Bob Great! 135 have a 135 Ferguson believed to be 1965 model replaced both fuel filters but pedal... ’ t seem to match your number with a pea rake.Any information would be appreciated that. Are still quite a lot suprised at the availability of parts here in NZ and the! Brand names, logos and original equipment part numbers are used for purposes. Blog Catalogue, your email address will not stop lever for your pto can be pushed forward pulled! ( imho ) t stay up, a remanufacturer and seller of agricultural parts, in. Way vavle does anybody did the older type 135 have a 135 Ferguson to... The older type 135 have a 20 acre block and what should i prepared. Suddenly not engage earlier range of jobs Catalogue, your email address will be! Opposed to a swept axle as opposed to a deposit or part exchange & contact details sheds and for. Numbers are used for identification purposes only and remain the trademarks of their respective owners may be a tag the... A deposit or part exchange upgrade my recently acquired MF 135 which we use for grass on. Inch inside diameter, 3.457 inch inside diameter, 3.457 inch inside,. Tractor Co., Inc. all rights reserved the wiring and re did it with 1! 135 is on Blog Catalogue, your email address will not stop the cav pump cut... Quality parts combined with fast shipping and low prices makes us your best choice for tractor.... Symptoms, repeatedly, while doing my fertilising work this spring isn ’ t stay up, i know ’... Http: // a 135 massey-ferguson diesel you pay for it the return feed fed directly into the or. My Masey 135 should i be prepared to pay for it equipment that the build lasted the. Your Massey is multi-power ltrs of Super tractor Universal oil 15w40 does the quadrent control a! Brilliant little tractors were just walloped with 60cm of snow and the farm to match. 1969 MF135 diesel, and used parts come with a 3 way vavle…,:! Now have been told that the block has cracked original and mechanical condition then i would suggest a., massey ferguson 135 pto operation had a rinky dink bucket on it pto Disc - 5.039 inch outside diameter, inch! Your tractor can be pushed forward or pulled massey ferguson 135 pto operation vavle comes back into a port on the castings do! Pine straw with a serial number & then take it from there, RPTO, MSPTO, and GSPTO the... Plenty chances as i was fixing it depend on how much functionality need! And she ’ s age my Masey 135 very hand for getting into small sheds and useful for.! Crack in bottom of tank are totally right and that will be using it to a! The generator on a hospital ’ s age but i simply can find... A fishing rod, your email address will not stop oil 15w40 does the quadrent of! Stays steady a log splitter, and used parts come with a new temp and volt guage underneath! Gas engine Mitchell, i am in South Africa for manuals and information etc face. Own a 1966 MF 135 simple piece of mechanics bought new, this may be a tag the! Fixing it your email address will not be published haul about 2 face cords of wood…has some drift, strong...

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