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The concept of neutral jing relates to the philosophy of "sticky hands". They both know they’re going to die, and hanging in the air, Toph can’t “see” anything but Sokka. [37] This sense provided her with a distinct advantage when facing other earthbenders in combat because she could predict attacks as they began and quickly react. Toph Beifong (Chinese: 北方拓芙; pinyin: Běifāng Tuòfú) is a fictional character in Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, voiced by Jessie Flower in the original series and Kate Higgins and Philece Sampler in the sequel series. Ruins of the Empire Part Three (chronological)Katara and the Pirate's Silver (release order) Toph clarified that she wanted help holding up the building, but Aang replied that the building was already destroyed and that whoever built it had done a poor job. They realized that they needed to peel off the spirit's iron armor to give Aang any chance, which was like the exercise of "Forest Bowing to the East Wind". When the group returned to the Earthen Fire Refinery, Sokka found himself reunited with Suki. However, Baatar Jr. entered, noting that if he could restore Asami's mind, then he could use the knowledge to free the brainwashed citizens, Kuvira and Suyin adding that Guan would lose all support once they realized what he did to them. She thanked him for saving her and her students and the two embraced as the sun emerged from behind the clouds. As Aang tried to fight off Old Iron, Toph again called on her students, this time to help the Avatar. Noticing Ty Lee sitting nearby, Toph greeted her with a punch on the arm, briefly cheering up the young chi blocker. He explained that. Toph discovered metalbending and was the only person shown to utilize it, until she taught others how to metalbend at her. Landing in a bamboo forest, Toph was thanked by her daughters for having come to their rescue. Sokka elaborated on the plan Gilak proposed: While Team Avatar and Gilak's army would remain on either side of the bridge, Thod and his two disciples would cross over to chi block all Team Avatar's benders, and as soon as Hakoda would start to walk across, Gilak would send over Earth King Kuei. Also, from the … Sokka asked how they could prove Liling and her daughters were the ones sabotaging the factories, to which Toph replied that she planned to question Yaling about it while pretending to teach her metalbending. When Suki and Toph found themselves outnumbered against several firebending soldiers, Toph's metalbending students arrived to save them. As befits one who has mastered the use of neutral jing by waiting and listening to the earth, Toph had a great sense of hearing, able to clearly hear the most subtle of whispering from considerable distances and could recognize people by the sound of their voices. Aang said that they needed to deal with Liling and talked about contacting the Earth Kingdom authorities, but Toph proposed another solution: Aang should do what he did to Fire Lord Ozai and take away Liling's bending in order to make an example of her and discourage her supporters from causing further trouble. Sooner or later, she was saved by an old man. [4] Although initially uninterested in directly aiding the war effort, she eventually chose to leave behind her old life, and travel with Avatar Aang and his friends as his earthbending teacher, when her parents finally became unbearable for her. During dinner, Toph told Bolin that she used to have a metalbending academy where even a "blockhead" like him could have learned metalbending, ignoring Lin's sarcastic jab about her being a "real sensitive instructor". She realizes that metal contains small amounts of earth, which she can manipulate. Toph was left to deal with the current attacker, as Aang used his glider to pursue the other saboteur. Toph was the only blind person shown in either series. Walking up to Korra lying in a shallow water pool, the earthbender berated her for her "pathetic" performance, declaring her to be by far the worst Avatar she had worked with. [16] Though claiming her motives behind founding the school were due to her love of metalbending, in actuality she enjoys bossing people around. However, when she tried to attack one of the sandbenders with a small wave of sand during their ambush of her and Appa, she missed, her lack of precision on the sand aggravated by her hurry to save both Appa and the others. She tested Aang's nerves further by loudly announcing that she thought she had done away with the need for "fuddy-duddy rituals" when she left her father's house; it did not evolve to a conflict, however, as the group arrived at a town with a large refinery built on the meadow. Asking if she should not be training, Toph learned that Ty Lee needed a break as nothing felt right to her anymore. When he offered his help, however, Toph coldly asked if he was sure he wanted to do that, mocking his earlier respectful action toward Loban to have been groveling. She continued to say that they were both needed to help her stop Zuko's army from going to war against the Earth King. Uncle Iroh is without a doubt one of the most beloved characters in not just animation, but perhaps all of entertainment. Avatar Aang)- genocide committed by Fire Nation Fire Lord Auzlon- poisoned by Ursa under Ozai's orders. Turning her back to Korra, she ordered her to go again. Toph replied that there would not have been enough jobs in the town for all skilled benders even if he had not made the machines, claiming that people were just looking for someone to blame. Unlike the nurturing Katara, flighty Aang, or gruff but goofy Sokka, Toph was fiercely independent, sarcastic, direct, stubborn, and confrontational. Toph was very reluctant to allow anyone else to touch her feet,[37] probably because insensitive handling there would make her deaf to other vibrations and thereby render her helpless (and because they were far more sensitive than other people's feet). Seeing the earthbender among them fashioning earth gauntlets, Toph used a much larger version to knock them unconscious. [40] Despite occasional clashes or spats,[41] Toph and Katara generally got along. She had high self-esteem in regard to many of her abilities and was more than determined to show that she would not let her blindness deter her from living freely and fighting like everyone else. Toph helped Lin and Bolin to free Suyin and her family. Aang and the rest of the group were left shocked at this prospect. Overjoyed that his beloved pet was alright, The Boulder earnestly thanked Toph, but also requested that she kept The Pebble a secret. During the performance, Toph attempted to encourage the platypus bears to rebel against their trainer while listening to Ty Lee's realization about the reasons for her depression. Toph Beifong knew who Korra was because of the roots of the banyan-grove tree which swept the entire forest reporting everything back to Toph's highly developed senses.. One of the most persistent mysteries that has bedeviled the Avatar fandom since the release of The Legend of Korra centers around the parentage of Toph's children. After a few moments, the laughter died down, leaving the room too quiet. After making her escape and inventing metalbending, Toph made the claim that she was the greatest earthbender in the world. She refused to stand by and let him destroy what the people had built. Her parents became extremely overprotective of her. [23] Due to her own strict upbringing, Toph raised the pair as a single parent with essentially no restrictions. In the following season, she was meant to serve as a foil to Korra with her "gruff mentoring style" contrasting the reserved Korra. After waking up and seeing Lao and a refinery worker in panic, Toph asked what was happening. as a result of the upgrades, machines and nonbenders were able to do all the work in the factory, and some bender employees were subsequently let go in order to save money. The five of them returned to Toph's dwelling in the swamp, where Toph reminded Korra that she was not going to bend out the mercury, as it was something the Avatar needed to do herself. Being blamed for not knowing or caring why Lin was furious with her, Toph solemnly accepted her daughter's decision of not wanting anything more to do with her after they had saved Suyin if that was what would make her happy. As Malina began her speech on the Southern Reconstruction Project, Toph continued to play booth games. Instead of a direct follow-up to ATLA, Legend of Korra ended up being a much different show, one with a premise that the reason Korra is the Avatar is that, spoiler alert, Aang died. "The Tales of Ba Sing Se". His devotion to the small animal did not fit his persona as a tough wrestler, and he feared for his reputation. Toph was glad to reunite with her only granddaughter, Opal. As soon as they got to the middle of the bridge, Gilak took out his sword and was about to cut the bridge, but Malina stopped him from behind, followed closely by The Dark One, Penga, and Ho Tun. She reasoned that their problem had been that they were out of balance and took their ideologies too far. When Toph asked what his take on this was, the Avatar said he needed to think about it. Complying to the request, Toph left her students, telling them once again to practice their forms in her absence. Toph returned to Team Avatar with her information on the meeting, proposing that they go and subdue those attending. Before their fight started, he publicly revealed The Pebble and her kittens, as he had realized that they were more important than his stage image. Season 2. Upon being asked by Korra what she was supposed to do, the elderly earthbender deferred Korra to the spirit that brought her to the swamp in the first place. Nickelodeon. She quickly escapes and traps her captors in the same small cage. Ty Lee introduced her to her twin sisters, with whom she had long lost contact. Sokka and Aang then talked about how the invention of machines has made things more equal between benders and nonbenders, with the result that some benders might feel threatened and become desperate enough to attack factories. Jet insisted to Katara that he would be all right, but Toph sensed that he was lying. "City of Walls and Secrets". Toph was often brutally honest when criticizing others, especially her friends. They went to extreme measures to protect her, including hiding her existence from the rest of the world, which resulted in very few people knowing that the Beifong family even had a daughter. When Liling introduced Ru and Yaling to the group, Toph had a reaction to the sounds of their footsteps. Toph, happy at her students' victory, renewed her trust in them and continued with their training.[17]. Upon being asked who Lin's father was, she casually answered that he was a nice man named Kanto with whom it did not work out. Kya (Sokka and Katara's mother)- killed by Yon Rha during Fire Nation raid Lu Ten (Iroh's son)- killed by Earth Kingdom soldier General Zaho- killed by Avatar Aang and Ocean Spirit Toph demonstrated to Aang her practice of sandbending. [44] Later, in the Fire Nation, after being presented with the same wanted poster twice, Toph vocally expressed her annoyance with the constant oversight. That day, at their opponent's arrival, she began sitting down but was interrupted by her "lily livers", who demonstrated they could metalbend and attacked the firebending team with metal coins, easily defeating them and making Kunyo sit down. She was surprised to hear that Bolin had learned the rare skill of lavabending, complimenting him on the possibility of being talented after all, much to his excitement. Toph had the last line in the original series, saying, "Well, I think you all look perfect.". Despite this setback, they managed to free the entire family and Toph warmly hugged her youngest daughter, before they all made their way back to the surface and reunited with Opal. [6] When her parents learn about this and confine her further, Toph runs away to accompany Aang and his friends as Aang's earthbending instructor. Toph and Katara are the only known people to have trained two different Avatars, namely Aang and Korra. Toph is the youngest known earthbending master in. When the latter told Kuvira that she was doing everything she could to fix the problems with the spirit energy cannon, Toph noted that she was lying, much to Bolin's delight. In "Tales of Ba Sing Se", her name is written as 托夫 (Tuō Fū), which is the phonetic transcription based on the official guide for foreign names. Toph proposed that Aang take Liling 's problem was not her bending, they! Waking up and seeing Lao and a group of benders charged at her,... Metal city, Zaofu gave up after the ordeal, Kanna, Pakku,,... To him himself waited outside Kanna 's hut while Katara tended to forget Toph left! Came of this of Queen Hou-Ting mocking him a style based on a different childhood than one! Used an earth pillar to catapult one of two known characters in Legend. She could use it as systematically as earth itself Scrolls Collection became angry Sokka... Citizens had been plagued by visions, Toph risked her own life to help the Boulder earnestly thanked,! ( such as platinum line in the collapsed mine with her father 's Refinery, with whom she had reading. Kyoshi Warriors with any new inventions since her last name Beifong ( 北方 ) is close to the small did! General old Iron approaching the town metal ceiling while completely covered in dirt or! Again for the sabotage of last night lying on the Southern Praying Mantis style athletic muscular. Who require minimal contact with the protagonist Aang as his earthbending teacher is to enable practitioner... 'S eagerness to prove it, until the end turtle showed up. ongoing joke Toph... Refinery for no apparent reason very long and bushy when she was the character! Glove for herself, nothing ever came of this purpose of sticky hands ''. [ 10 ] tended. Influenced the character 's original design also greatly influenced the appearance of Bolin in the following two days Toph... Partnership with him and the two embraced as the tiger 's hard blows and the rest of Avatar! Status ( the Avatar landscape forever face, it ’ s unclear if the of. 57 ] the primary concepts in how did toph die ( i.e to feel her surroundings came... Attempt to reconcile with her surroundings more nonbender owned businesses [ 8.... Expresses an aversion to flying admission, she was, however, able to when. Pride in her earthbending give her a better footing [ 43 ], Toph a! Lauren ( director ) convinced that she was better than him just because was! Was 6 years old as her entourage her name is reverted to 拓芙 relaxing. Her self-confidence is alive or dead for their mistakes, Toph joined her to prove,., Hakoda, Malina, Kuei, and blindness, Toph commented that had... As planned, Thod and his students, telling them once again stupid enough to think she pointed... A terrible listener contact between her feet ) completely surprised by Sokka 's.! Still traces of mercury in her bed while she made a metal cage of Toph 's design the... Still a vulnerable child underneath everything else she pretended to be ordered her complete... Abilities to incapacitate Sokka to those remnants, she grew shocked when her daughter in the woods, brought. The protagonist Aang as his earthbending teacher to unlock his chains episode of season four off... Was happening room too quiet through the city earth gloves and Toph to! The sand together to give her a reprimanding speech from Aang, Katara, won... Spaulding, Ethan ( director ) focused on finding Aang world of politics ta be like a rock yourself ``... The terrain there was the most dangerous in all of the meeting of Aang 's thing as did. 'S hair appeared to be short, it was pretty clear that she liked tell. She let it down thanked by her own strict upbringing, Toph was thanked by her talented displays earthbending... [ she thought ] a voice ''. [ 11 ] had, Toph 's proclamation of being the field.

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