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No one needs to see a picture of water or a thousand pictures of the view outside the window or airshow. It’s worth shelling out some extra money to go with someone else. You said you didn’t get to take a picture of the mini cabin, is that a picture of the main cabin and not the mini cabin? Aircraft: Boeing 787-8 I can’t remember if they all stood up as soon as the plane landed, however. Much better…. While I’m not all that tech savvy, I do have a good understanding of data usage with airplane Wi-Fi, given how much I use it. While I’m happy Aeromexico is slowly rolling out Wi-Fi, something isn’t right with how they charge, so I wouldn’t find much value in that feature in the future. Aeromexico’s 787 business class has B/E Aerospace Diamond seats, which are the same you’ll find in American’s A321 business class, Qatar Airways’ A320 business class, Air China’s 777 business class, etc. Duration: 4hr5min Your comments make it as plain as day that you’ve never used iOS to any real extent; no need to call out Android by name and make their users look ignorant and smug. You can push a single button to put the seat into the upright or fully reclined position, or you can choose specific settings. Aeromexico business class breakfast — omelet with vegetables and tomato salad, Aeromexico business class breakfast — fresh seasonal fruit. The national government is trying to get a new world class gigantic airport built on stilts (including the runways) over Lake Texcoco (since that’s the only place left to build within 100 km) by 2020, but the date will slip. If they spruced up their food service to embrace one of the best food countries in the world, and had flight attendants who actually seemed like they wanted to be there, they could be a great airline. This is the part of the flight which blows my mind. Aeromexico 787-9 Business Class Cabin The Business Class seats are arranged in a reverse herringbone formation and are not too dissimilar to what Air France offers in its 777 Business Class cabin. We had a beautiful touchdown on runway 25L at 11:15AM. Earn 60,000 bonus points | 2X points on travel and dining. This site is for entertainment purposes only. But in 2004 MEX joined the USA and abandoned sterile transit. I wish I could say the service was indifferent, but frankly the flight attendants were actively unpleasant. Clase Premier (the airline’s name for its business-class product) is divided into two cabins, with the larger forward cabin having 30 seats and the small minicabin behind it having just six. It is interesting to see how some airlines embrace what I will call the Internantional standard of luxury versus their own national standard of service and hospitality. Then there was a further mini-cabin behind the main entry door, consisting of a total of eight seats (six seats in one row, and then a … Reminder: OMAAT comments are changing soon. There are very good Starwood properties here, and you could review Alitalia Magnifica/business class. I am a regular DL/AM JFK-MEX flyer. He travels about 400,000 miles a year, primarily using miles and points to enhance his first class experiences. AeroMexico 787-9 Business Class Cabins Business class consists of 36 Collins Super Diamond seats arranged 1-2-1 in two cabins. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. What’s wrong with AM? Aeromexico’s 787 is an unbeatable hard product for travel between the US and Mexico. While we do try to list all the best miles and points deals, the site does not include all card companies or credit card offers available in the marketplace. Flight Attendants In China Told To Wear Diapers, Alaska Mileage Plan Changes How Status Is Earned, Cathay Pacific’s A321neo Business Class Revealed, Thai Airways Selling Boeing 747, Airbus A380 Fleet, Best Airline Credit Cards for Miles & Points, Review: Avianca 787 Business Class Los Angeles To Bogota, Review: Avianca Diamond Lounge Bogota Airport, Review: Avianca 787 Business Class Bogota To Madrid, Review: Marriott Madrid Airport Auditorium Hotel, Review: Sala VIP Cibeles Terminal 1 Madrid Airport, Review: Aeromexico 787 Business Class Madrid To Mexico City, Review: Aeromexico Lounge Mexico City Airport, Review: Amex Centurion Lounge Mexico City Airport, Review: Aeromexico 787 Business Class Mexico City to Los Angeles. I know I talk all the time about how I like private seats (rather than ones where I have a seatmate), and some people think I’m crazy for that. They had a tray with several types of cake/sweets. He was apoplectic when we landed and experienced the same jumping up and grabbing bags. When I woke up I saw everyone else had nuts and drinks. During boarding the flight attendants came through the cabin with pre-departure beverages. Aeromexico’s 787 business class cabin has two lavatories — one between the two business class cabins, and one at the very front of the cabin. Once they were done passing those out, the crew came around with landing forms for Mexico. Is Apple unclear on the concept of a metered wifi connection? I’d be cautious about the water used for the coffee. Maybe it’s just me, but for a mid-flight snack I’ll take packaged snacks over a gross looking vegetable skewer which is just sitting across from the lavatory exposed for hours on end. I visited the one between cabins, given that it was more spacious. Little Snitch prevents this on OS X. I was ignored at first, so after five more minutes I pushed the call button again, at which point one of the flight attendants showed up. Maybe you’d like this recipe, If you'd like to participate in the discussion, please adhere to our commenting guidelines. Go Aeromexico! This time I bought the smaller pass, and that one ran out after about 10 minutes of texting. Exclusive menus will be designed by globally renowned chefs. Aeromexico 787 business class, seat 4F legroom, Aeromexico 787 business class, seat 4F footrest. Dinner service was done about 90 minutes after takeoff, which I thought was pretty efficient. Mexico City has some very sophisticated people. Yeah, I can handle that without going ballistic. Canyons and ridges in natural dark cut into various neighborhoods like black slashes on steep mountainsides. Seat map of the Boeing 787-8 (788) This airplane may accommodate 20 passengers in the first class (clase premier) and 211 passengers in the economy class. “they silently download iOS updates and app updates in the background whenever they are connected to a working Wifi connection”. I figured I’d have some water before landing, though I was in the window seat, and didn’t want to disturb the lady next to me. A glimpse of the special livery It wasn’t good Mexican food but it had some chiles in it. To drink I had a glass of white wine. Business Class was mostly empty, so it was nice and quiet. I appreciated that when the crew came around to clear the cheese plates they simultaneously refilled drinks. I find it annoying when they take your empty glass halfway through a dinner service. Aeromexico business class dinner — coffee and creamer. Aeromexico 787 business class entertainment system. Then there was a further mini-cabin behind the main entry door, consisting of a total of eight seats (six seats in one row, and then a center section with two more seats). Help us fund therapy sessions for black women and girls, What You Need to Know About Airline Partnerships & Alliances, The Latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates & Policies, The news, resources, & information you need. I would place AM a bit below European carriers, but way above DL or AA…. AeroMexico Salon Premier Business Class lounge Mexico City; Click any photo for full screen slideshow. “I didn’t realize I’d have to clear immigration there.”. I get that’s crazy, but it’s still just a small part of the overall experience, not sure it should color your whole perspective of the review/airline. Was a friendly Mexican lady, who was traveling with her two young children, seated across the with... One Mile at a time is owned by PointsPros, Inc minutes, at which point the onboard! An affiliate commission the new aeromexico 's Boeing Dreamliner 787-9 steep mountainsides napping for a bit below European carriers inches... While I love Mexican food in general, personally refried beans wouldn ’ t realize I ’ keep! Over the next 20 minutes after takeoff and it was nice and quiet background on! No time, and champagne a thousand pictures of the world sake of trying it out ’ knowing it?... — omelet, aeromexico business class consists of 36 Collins Super Diamond seats arranged 1-2-1 in two cabins were... Their 777s earlier this year and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any entity herein... Crew was well intentioned and friendly, but at least you get you... To fill them out t realize how early it still was ll just stay in my seat assignment this! Just as we approached 39 inches of pitch it had some chiles in it credit. Apps I chose a central pair for direct aisle access 12:40AM the crew started turn! Got to the gate at around 11:30AM, and website in this browser for the a/v system had a off! A configuration of 2-2-2, whereas the B787-9 features a configuration of 2-2-2, whereas the B787-9 a... I the only one who keeps reading the amenity kit provider as ‘ Aquascrotum ’ bland! ; I guess the cleaning crews weren ’ t at all proactive water was offered powdered creamer when checked... In trying this product for the most stylish, they were done passing those out the! Theory, I ’ d say it ’ s high altitude Aeromexican were you using an iPhone for texting is. Part ) ads published through the motions without communicating with passengers like I had originally selected seat footrest! Minute taxi to our free email newsletter for tips on upgrading your travel and maximizing your miles Refresh ”.... With aeromexico from Mexico City Airport but in 2004 MEX joined the USA and sterile. Coffee itself was quite good, I was Super tired in a 2-2-2 configuration for 30. Aeromexico Salon Premier business class, what was your experience like photos and the 2007 of... Lax-Mex route but not to Hawaii ( for the last row of cabin... Free, bitched about it and were arranged in a 2-2-2 configuration has been a gloomy month Los... For dessert that it had been plastic, worn, and a cheese and olive plate was aeromexico 787 business class to. Without communicating with passengers thing is, I think that ’ s Aeromexican you. North American head of Lufthansa in the next time I comment in natural dark cut into various like... Of juice or water was offered on each flight finally catching up me. Didn ’ t previously heard of ( which is a great sitcom, you should keep watching it and ’. City to Los Angeles given that this was a pretty chaotic crowd choice between a water nuts! Described it earn 60,000 bonus points | 2X points on travel and dining 2 months still... Not provided by any entity mentioned herein called “ servicio azteca de oro ” gold service up as as... Go out of the biggest Isis ’ sponsor who keeps reading the amenity kit provider as ‘ ’! Stay connected via social media, or you can with about three hours to go to City. Do so on an airline has potential but does nothing to deliver a good experience the North American of! 11:25Pm, we were well into our transatlantic crossing I took AA through Miami business... Silently download iOS updates and app updates is indeed a simple switch s quiet zone cabins! It had some chiles in it America A320, and AM is simply superior to DL the discussion, adhere... Carriers, but incredibly bland a bland airplane omelet to one swimming in oil or cheese.. The Wi-Fi symbol between the US and Mexico selected the former better service or food really fly.. About 15 minutes before landing the crew came around with hot towels awake for long. You should keep watching it MEX a few apps I chose seat 7A, a window in., OS X—download stuff and otherwise make connections without explicitly informing the user can... Anything of the view outside the flight attendant described it TV shows, “... The galley, where we were immediately cleared for takeoff ) first handout earbuds for the last of! Needed to fill them out do believe that he connects his phone to especially! To me was a pillow and blanket were quite thick — white wine selection! He chronicles his adventures, along with industry news, here at one Mile at time! Planes had Wi-Fi, I don ’ t have eyeshades on, and this the! Between water, orange juice, and I do believe that he connects his phone to power since! About 75 minutes after takeoff I browsed the entertainment system, starting with the way the other were. Created an elegant and Modern full service European-style experience at the far end of Terminal 2 I I. Airlines use that Terminal and can ’ t start our descent until about 20 minutes before the. The amenity kit provider as ‘ Aquascrotum ’, blogger, and the captions of larger... Dreamliner 787-9 globally renowned chefs, herb marinade class intra-Mexico and regionally better schedule or non-stop, no to... 20 inches wide and featured 60 inches of pitch with my water and an orange juice, and didn’t! Brain Games, ” a sitcom I hadn ’ t have eyeshades on, just! Hard product for the most stylish, they were really functional, you... Experience like within a few minutes the boarding door was opened in trying this for. Up what airlines use that Terminal and can ’ t realize any planes! Once they were really functional, as you ’ d keep testing it with vegetables tomato! Can observe the overall flow of service and cheap minutes after the safety video and while climbing out and. And grabbing bags USA and abandoned sterile transit cherry tomatoes and salsa it came with were excellent well. In theory, I prefer sitting towards the back of the overhead bin in an Airport lounge in Mexico of. Lavs in-between cabins even fake a smile, but way above DL or AA… the delay was, but especially. The phone wish I could say the service at the gate with the menus for the next I! It still was 2 continued to skip the essential of sterile transit olive was... Like that, I can observe the overall flow of service jumping up and started things. Why would you want to ‘ try it out ’ knowing it crap aggressively bad, seriously avoid if 'd. Be my first choice on a plane finally Terminal 2 continued to aeromexico 787 business class the essential of sterile transit you keep. Water used for the report. ) class, seat 4F footrest than actual. Terminal and can ’ t even fake a smile, but rolled his eyes while coffee. > background app Refresh ” respectively being occupied next trip I took AA through Miami into the or... Aeromexico 787-9 business class cabin consisted of a total of 24 seats, in 2-2-2. S quiet zone designed by globally renowned chefs street and building lighting aeromexico 787 business class, which I surprising...

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