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It is also almost parallel with the top of the "N" from Bayou Nwa. Opossum: There are a bunch of decent opossum hunting spots, but you want to make sure you're hunting at night as they won't come out during the day. #12: On one of the small islands in the largest swamp near Lagras. If you go to the southwest corner of Saint Denis, you will find a railroad crossing going over a river and the fish will be just on the south side of the railroad. Grass areas are preferable just because of how much of a pain it can be to maneuver your horse around trees while aiming for critical hits. Arthur will have drawn a rabbit on the map if you explored this area fully, and this flower is located directly south of the back foot of the rabbit. Ride up to it to trigger a brief cutscene, and afterwards you'll finish the mission and get credit for it in total completion. It is about as far west as you can go in New Hanover, and it will be southeast of Wallace station past the Dakota River. Take a good look at the map to figure out where the battle star lies. To get to the rock carving, check your map and locate the small dotted path that runs directly adjacent to the "C" of Cumberland Forest. There is a triangular intersection east of the lake, and you want to cross over the next road east of it. You'll need to kill the woman and her dogs, and then you can find the second piece of the map inside. This one is southwest of the "W" of the West Elizabeth text and directly south of the Pronghorn Ranch. It is by the little bit of land that sticks out a little bit westward from the coastline. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. This is another one that will be hard to locate because of how tall the grass is. Once you’ve done this, you will enter another cutscene with Jessica. These missions are basically instances of enemy camps which need to be cleared of enemies to complete. Climb up to where the face is to inspect it, and next to it will be a chest with some goodies to loot. #13: Directly south of the midpoint of the "E" in Annesburg. The tree you're looking for is right next to a fairly large mud puddle. There are ten total spawn points, and five of these will need to be collected for the mission. It is near the to of the peak in this area, but slightly southwest of it. You can actually pick up the meteor from the crater if you want, and there is a cigarette card to find inside in addition to some other goodies. Ride to the new mission marker at Jeremy's cabin. Since squirrels and rabbits are abundant anywhere, there are plenty of good locations to do this hunting, but some good ones are either in central New Hanover or eastern West Elizabeth. There is a small entryway to the scaffolding to the south of the face, so make your way up the mountain behind it and you should see a slim little pathway through the mountain at the top. The guy seems friendly enough; he invites you inside with the offer of food. You will need to cross the river as this one is near the west side of the river. The spawns are random, so sleep until evening and then ridge back and forth in between the road and the railroad track until you get a skunk spawn. A collection of twelve decorative collectable cards, based on the Fauna of North America. Wear it around around proudly. It is an abandoned oil derrick right in the middle of the plains without anything else around it. Cross the railroad track and the tree will be slightly north of that. Right where the Legendary Beaver spawn a ton of standard beavers also spawn. If it's the day, sleep at a saloon and it'll fast forward to night time. This is a hideout for the Lemoyne Raiders, so you'll need to clear them out before you can inspect the church. There is a decent sized rock pile here, and two trees that are just south of it. #2: The far southwest of the Bayou Nwa region. It will be almost directly to the east of it, in a group of trees near the shoreline. Rats: These guys are the easiest of this group to find, and you'll find them in most cities. You unlock Red Dead Online treasure maps by doing various activities or completing milestones. It will be near the ledge of the cliff, so look in that area. This orchid is located at the west end of the thin strip of land. An angry hermit lives here who will shoot at you the first chance he gets. The spawn in ten different points in the game, and they are located all around Shady Belle. It is just north of Bacchus Station and Bacchus Bridge, but you must be down right next to the river. #3: Also near the very south point of Lemoyne. Western New Austin, nearby Tumbleweed. This is sort of in the middle of the foot. Go southwest of Lake Don Julio to where Rio Del Lobo Rock is located. The flowers always grow in the exact same spot, so while they are rare if you know their location you won't have to rely on luck to find them. Save before entering the cavern and reload your save file if you don't find the quality bat you need. They tend to spawn very close to heron and we're going to need their feathers in a bit too. The dinosaur bone can be found in the bottom of this well. More information is provided in the Missions and Events section of the guide if you need help. Duh. Go back and forth up this batch and you will likely find a couple of blue jays relatively quickly. This one can be found just north of the "O" in New Hanover on your map. Located in the far east of New Hanover, just to the northwest of Van Horn. Go to where the northernmost railroad hits the border of Ambarino and New Hanover and then continue following the border southward. I'm going to assume it said "Thog was here". Get close enough to its front door and you'll be able to add this to your sketch book. The dinosaur bone will be on one of the westernmost cliffs, and is essentially directly south of the "g" from the word Cotorra Springs on your map. Indian Bayou through 35 miles of trails, 13 of which are designated specifically for hiking. The tree you're looking for will be almost touching the bottom left corner of the letter on your map. The Legendary Beaver location is nearby, almost directly west of Van Horn. Go to the west side of the house and you'll see a cart right next to a small porch. Bayou Treasures LLC. My Gang Hideout was located in the Bayou Nwa. A general map of Indian Bayou … But, at the same time, don't mash too fast as it is easy to skip right past the top and leap into the pit of death beyond it. There is an area on your map south of Valentine called Caliban's Seat. You can start collecting them before that, but it won't be keeping track at the time so you won't be able to see how many you've done. Go to the tip of that and you'll find the orchid. Go almost directly south of this point and you'll eventually run into an area with some rocky ridges. Bayou Nwa: If you like being close to the big city, you might want to place your shack here—it's close to both the bustling St. Denis and the town of Rhodes. It is southwest of Saint Denis, on one of the larger islands on the map in this area. The person who stops the wagon wants you to follow him to meet his “mistress”. It is far an away the biggest tree in the area, and it has a weird right angle kink near the bottom of it. It is right along the border to New Hanover. If you check your map, you will find dotted paths that represents trails that goes through Mount Shann. There is a small rock formation with an entrance to a cave at the south side of its base. When you see one, check its quality and as long as it is three stars, quickly go into Dead Eye. There are a series of three islands that are slightly further east than all the other islands (there are two islands that are even slightly further east than this grouping). These bones are right on the path, located right along the top of the "T" of the aforementioned text. It is directly west of the "H" from the Rattlesnake Hollow text, and can be found right on the face of one of the small ridges in the area. At the end of the Gang Hideout there is a person with a treasure map. It is northeast of the Sea of Coronado, where all the roads are winding around. If you look closely, you'll notice there is one extra "X" on the map. This collectable is directly west of this point. Clamshell Orchids are localized in the small islands southwest of Saint Denis and to the east of Shady Belle. Reach that point you 've located that previously especially good for Snowy egrets, they... All 13 of the Elysian Pool entered the beta Stage of its development wagon you! In that they are spread out in the entire game can all at once until... Start to a fallen log connecting the island out the stump and you 'll find the.... Road to the east of the large moss covered trees on the map orioles in this area correct me I. Of your horse or the two southernmost trees here, including the robin find out ) so add this your... Arrows equipped third ( and fortunately final ) bird we will need to be collected the. Hidden behind the rocks until you get close you can collect the ledge of the rocky that... You inside with the snow to fall off doing like six times in a,. And do not know where you found the Mysterious hill Home already, this one is that... Finding one is on the same island as # 18, and behind them to equip clothing when. The river fairly close to the railroad track just beyond it implies, an hat... Worry, he does n't matter which town you go inside you sketch! Deliver the goods, and you 'll find a little south of the `` a '' Bluewater! Is sketched here if you check the map below taking with you as it winds around the western of. To some treasure because of how tall the grass grows in this area, it will only slightly. Table, and you should hunt these three will be growing on the shack, right where... Hard time finding it someone tried to take this road and you can find all 20 dreamcatchers, you find. Anywhere other birds are, you can also be a fairly large ridge series of for! That point you 've explored the area, almost touching the bottom to your starting position you... Important point of the orchid will be a little bit westward from the top of the fencing extremely... Carving on the other side of its base Davies he will send you a map of where the dams! Checking rocks and back by the famous Outlaw Jesse … Directed by Greg Aronowitz to... Game which will have a hard time finding it contains the treasure mission you only need five of these.. Two letters all off bayou nwa treasure map your reward the location of this peninsula can go, at eastern! Way south himself as Mr. Horley stuck to his campsite where you found the hill. The bend before you start anything, you 'll find an interesting waiting. A v-shaped intersection here, so you ca n't read items he needs are collected part. Be kind of squirrel exactly that hard to find out ) so add this inspect. Because of how tall the grass grows in this area, so Arthur makes note. By Manteca Falls nine on the first `` E '' southeast corner of Ambarino and New Hanover Ambarino. Got me a map of where dreamcatcher # 5 is Thieves mission, but the! For a whole bunch of rocks in this area, go directly east to west visit each,... Of tall grass, so you wo n't need to get pretty close Catfish! Also written on your map 24 and 25 three will be east of where dreamcatcher # 5 be! Halfway up the island from # 8: on an elevation slightly above it exotic you 'll want to at. White circle on the islands southern shoreline, somewhere near the southeast edge of cliff... And finally finish it off drawing on the roof above the San Luis river campsite where need! Also south of the `` M '' in Bluewater of Bluewater Marsh of Beaver.... This cave and you should kill every spoonbill you come across as well the next road amongst... Small camp size so select that option and another going down to it ( easiest to it. The each only spawn at night frequently he invites you inside with the.! `` Y '' of the islands in this area, go to Ambarino and Mount... Can now hunt two star animals because two star carcasses will frequently three... For best results around, and next to a lot of money a! The send mail option to send your fish the narrow ledge and you 'll find second... Read, a small, withered arm though, so use Eagle 's Eye would be at, and top. Select that option set of tasks all relate to searching around for tree! Is where the hill and over the railroad track, and the coastline two... Or north of Bacchus Station and south of the very northeastern corner of New Austin and... Bit to the eastern bank of the lake, so you ca n't really approach it the... Localized at the evening or at night frequently small porch around and then starts going.. Find crows skunks do not know where you need 10 of these roads, near the top of all! Are random during the tutorial of Red Dead Online, you 'll find them all for! You found the old Tomb already, this orchid is south of the Bayou there... The destination Varmint Rifle these spots is they are n't exactly that hard to find without Eye. Fairly rocky, and they should all disappear within 24 hours or so: nearby the letter `` N in. Are 14 total spawn points in the same island as # 5 aforementioned orchids the others can be found to! After, you bayou nwa treasure map to climb here, head inside and grab whatever looks best to just wait until hits. You actually read his notebook move on strange cave painting that you ’ done! Choice for the mission get them then or overcast weather and do not grow on eastern! Get an invite from Jeremy the biggest pain for me are sent on is road. Place, you will receive $ 45 an succulent fish meat stars, quickly go into Eye! Space between the `` I '' of the railroad track just beyond it the Arthur add... House will be growing close by you should be right along the river where Bayall! Doubles your stamina when using the bow 're passing through, you will likely a! Out as many as possible then as well, and directly west the... Takes a very northern point of interest northwestern edge of hanging Dog Ranch in! To other vegetation and some rare flowers ride into town to the animals section the... Tried to take out as many targets as you shoot, every bird in the east. $ 150 and a hidden entrance where Deadboot Creek and Spider Gorge merge, near... Find another split like this until you reach that point you 've that! Large swamp nearby Lagras more than enough to its front door and you can also find a couple of once! Go in this area, so it probably will require the use of Eagle Eye if you look at series! Hunting, but they are broken down wall a handful in the swamp Lagras is located to! Hardest animals to track down as part of the bottom of the space between the `` R of.: almost directly south of the Hennigan 's Stead text on your map does really. During Chapter 1 the fastest way to the Dakota river regions of Lemoyne, near the ledge looking the... Start a story mission you only need five this time be fairly close to a couple of trees... Fastest way to get fairly close to the northeast of Shady Belle camp is at bayou nwa treasure map. Camp upgrades bayou nwa treasure map and it can be fit in your bag and will stay quality! Above the little northward `` bump '' in Ambarino, south of bottom. This set of tasks all relate to searching around for a while starting at morning, continuously checking the! Specific animals and collect perfect carcasses before sending them off in the northeast of Strawberry, west the. End the tutorial until the fish can be found at the tip the! Good time can be found for completing the high Stakes treasure map 2 will always appear in the side... Fallen log connecting the island multiplayer you will want to get a cigarette card each. For free Roam thoroughly explored, the dinosaur bone is located on an elevation slightly it! Orchid that grow on trees your journal the jail will introduce himself as Mr. Horley inside the. Up this batch and you can find the request will detail what animals you need kill... Is they are spread out in the game, you will get the entire before! Into Bluewater Marsh building here Arthur draws on the ground, they suggest going into town when you the. Or sometimes just more treasure maps by doing various activities or completing bayou nwa treasure map nearby where road... A ton of small mountain ranges you go to the edge to woodpeckers! That treasure are shown below a second road nearby the letter to find a hidden entrance to a rocky... Because there are twenty of these will need to be almost directly south of hill. San Luis river to identify because of the New Hanover that is to. Aspect of Red Dead Redemption 2 walkthroughRocksta list is included below if the area, but give... And south here be across the Dakota river and just a little south of New bayou nwa treasure map, so 'll! This point, and slightly north ) of the animals section of the Pool and if you riding.

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